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Reflecting on my Top 10 Projects of 2010!

I joined these blogs in celebrating what I've accomplished this year! If you want to join in the fun, it's just a click away! :) Some of these ladies have blown me away w/all they got done! I will say I've not been blogging for long & really just figured things out more over the fall, so knowing that here's my crafty & home decor accomplishments for this year! 
Southern Hospitality
Savvy Southern Style
This is one of my all time favorite mini scrapbooks. I made this for a friend.
This is an old barn window my friend gave me. I loved it as it was when I got it white w/peeling paint & old looking, but it didn't show up on my white wall..sooo some green paint and a few hooks later...whalla! I love it w/the pictures in it too! 
Bellow is the kids chore chart. It's worked REALLY well! It was a plain board when I bought it. This is the finish project complete with canvas w/each of their pics on it, so I can keep track of who's on what chore! :) We rotate weekly. 
This is one of the sayings I've cut out of vinyl & added to my wall in my scrap room. This saying couldn't be MORE true about me!! I love it!! My kids will literally have the play by play of their life in pictures when they grow up! :) My hubby asked me, if we were going to need to add on to the house to store all my scrapbooks, ha ha! I think he was serious! 
I LOVED this metal wall hanging and couldn't wait to do something with it!! I finally got brave & cut out some vinyl to rub on it & I LOVE how it turned out! It's one of my faves I made this year! I also made one for a wedding gift.
This was a Wedding shower gift, but I just loved how it turned out & had fun making it! 
This scrap LO was called me being brave & creative! I NEVER put just 1 picture on a page, I take WAY too many pictures to do that!! One day I felt inspired to paint on a scrap book page & could it be no picture!!! Then I decided to make a page about me & my faves, which I also thought I'd never do! Anyway, I just had fun w/these pages & I'm glad I did them!
This is the before of a semi ugly bedside table w/potential. 
This is the after picture of a much better looking piece of furniture with an added shelf, making it perfect for what I had in mind.
Here's it is in use as a storage spot for my 4 kids home school workbook baskets! They each have their own now, perfect! 
This is what I call getting creative with what you have & helping the earth at the same time! I made this album out of can lids, why not??!! MY hubby looked at me like you're doing what?? As soon as I found out my crop a dile would pierce through a can lid, I knew I was in business! I've also started selling my mini scrapbooks this year, which is an accomplishment!

This was a fun end of the year accomplishment. I made this album out of paper coffee cups. I entered it in a contest at the Paper Zone & ... I WON!! I was SO excited, woohoo! That's my big excitement for the year. Just got my gift card prize in the mail a couple weeks ago!! 

This was my BIG project that got bigger then I imagined! It all started w/a challenge by my friend Sarah to clean up our scrap spaces. Then evolved w/my hubby's BIG idea & a vision to totally flip the house upside down & move ALMOST everything in our house to make it work better in the small space we have. So really this scrap room re-do is just a small snip it of what we've been up to this month! This scrap room clean up challenge was also my very 1st linky party, it was fun to have others join in & get their crafts spaces cleaned up! It's nice to get storage & organization ideas too!! Thanks to those that joined in the fun! 
This used to be my work space, now it's a wall O storage! I now moved my computer desk on the opposing wall & will soon be adding a desk in the closet. We took the doors off just so I could! So I now have much more space for my stuff!! 
This is the AFTER!
My latest fun new project was making these yarn wrap letters for Christmas gifts! They are time consuming, but fun! 
Hope you enjoyed my review of projects this year & maybe even got some inspiration or ideas! :) Happy New Year!
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Keep these Memories mini scrapbook

This is one of my fav mini scrapbooks I've ever made. I deleted it & am reposting it b/c I had them as all separate post per picture when I was 1st learning how to blog. :) This was very simple & fun to make. I just used cardboard from the back of a lined paper notebook, cut it into equal parts, coverd w/paper & embellished. :)

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A Wedding I photographed & scrapped

This was from a little while back. I'm redoing some of my old posts now that I've figured things out more. I'm laughing at myself now, but I used to post 1 picture per post b/c I didn't know how to do more. So my tutorials where 1 post at a time! ha ha! Anyway this was my hubby's cousin's wedding 2 years ago. I just scrapped it this year using a kit from Heartstrings Designs kit club. If you've never used them their known for their mat board!

TP mini scrapbook tutorial

 A couple of finished TP mini Scrapbooks. These make great little gifts! I've given away a ton of these!
  Step 1: get 3 TP rolls the same size trim if needed to match in size. Smash them flat w/your hand.
 Step 2: Cut desired paper to fit the TP rolls. leave an extra flap to fold under as shown bellow (in step 3). I use double sided tape at each end of the TP roll.
 Step 3: stick paper to TP roll. Make sure to fold a flap at the bottom to hold it better & make it look nicer. Also make sure the paper will overlap the "flap" & go all the way to the bottom of the TP roll, so you don't have a seam in the middle of your page.
 I put another strip of double stick tape on top of the flap of paper to hold down the top peice. It should look like this when you get it all stuck down. Page 1 complete. I do 3, b/c I find more then 3 sticks up funny b/c TP rolls are not perfectly flat. I then cut a piece of paper to fit inside each roll for added pages. As shown at the top. If you do 3 TP rolls & 1 paper in each one, then use each side for pictures you can fit 7 pictures or journal spots (not counting the front or back cover pages). I personally don't put pictures on those pages, but you could if you wanted 2 more photo spots. :)
                                    Step 4: punch holes the size of the eyelets you plan to use.
 Step 5: Add eyelets to hold it together better, then tie album together w/ribbon, making sure it's not too tight that the pages don't turn well & not too loose so that the album is laying funny. Or you can use small jump rings & tie ribbons on them. For this type of album I prefur using eyelets to hold it in place better as I did in the top 2 albums. Good luck & have fun!! :)
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How to make a badge for your Blog

How to make a badge for your Blog

1. Go to

2. Upload desired picture or graphic

3. Select the pic you want from your album, scroll over it & at the top of the pic a bar w/selections pops up. Choose Resize, then more options.

4. To resize only type in the box on the left, the other box automatically calculates the right size. 200 is fairly big. I made mine 170. Anywhere between 170-200 is ok.

If you look at my buttons on the side the big one is 200, the smaller ones are 170

Once you make it the correct size hit the button that says "Apply". Then you can continue to write on it w/text add frames ect.. When your happy w/your picture. Hit the "Save a Copy" button at the bottom. Then return to your album & go to the picture you just edited. KEEP THIS WINDOW OPEN, you'll need it later.

5. Pull up your blog in another window. I also found it helpful to have a blank e-mail for pasting codes on (however you want to juggle it).

6. Go to your Dashboard, then Designs (on your blog). Then you will hit "Add a gadget" in the spot where you want to add your new badges. Select the "HTML/JavaScript" button. A window will pop up.

7. Copy & paste this code in the box.

8. Now's where it gets a little tricky. Go back to your Photobucket page w/the pic you want to use. If your photo is selected (just by clicking it 1x). You should see a box on the Right that says Share this photo, look for the box marked "HTML code". You just simply click in the box w/the code & it copies it for you.

9. Now, go back to your box you opened on your blog. You will now paste this code you copied in the 2 spaces where it says "http://YOURBUTTONLOCATION.jpg" Leave the quotes there, but put the code between the quotes.Replace only this part. http://YOURBUTTONLOCATION.jpg bottom one doesn't have the "s to help you. You will put it between the = & the >, the part you replace on the bottom line is this and NO more. http://YOURBUTTONLOCATION.jpg

10. You're almost done!! Now simply type in or copy your EXACT blog address, complete w/the "http://" stuff & paste it in place of this in the middle of the code.

Now hit save on your blog & you should have yourself a new badge you can be proud of! :) I noticed on mine for some reason when I would go & look at my blog there would be an annoying " /> next to the picture. I played around deleting here & there & found there is 1 spot where there is this pattern "/> back to back in the code. So if you have this problem occur, go back to your new gadget in edit mode & find the double & delete only the double & nothing else! Whalla problemo solved! I have yet to figure out how to prevent it, but at least you can get rid of it! :)


My friend Sarah & I went to CKC for the 3rd year in a row!!! We love it & look forward to it every year! For those of you who may be asking, what is CKC?? It's Creating Keepsakes Convention sponsered by the scrapbook magazine. It has awesome classes, freebies, giveaways, make n takes & really great deals on scrapbook supplies! Pretty much every scraper's dream!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yarn letters

 The D & W were my 1st attempts at this yarn wrap project. It went pretty well. Much more time consuming then I had guessed! The W took me 2+ hours!! Although it was my 1st one! The D was tricky b/c I had to keep cutting the yarn to fit it through the hole, then tie it together. The W was difficult b/c of all the curves.
 The S wasn't too bad, but still took me an hour +. I think the A was the most simple to do & still took me an hour. There's a few tricky spots, when you go around a curve or on edges. I was using glue dots under the yarn in hard to stay spots. It worked pretty well. I considered getting out the glue gun, but never did try that, which might hold better. If you have any other ideas to hold it in certain spots, I'd LOVE to know! I've decided this is a time consuming, but fun craft, that makes a great gift. I made these for Christmas gifts for family & friends.
Next, I'm going to make some for myself of our initials. Can't wait to see how it turns out! :) I will say the more flat & more basic you can find the letters, the easier it is to wrap!  I got this idea Here I think hers turned out much nicer, but this was my 1st go at it! :) And hey, I had fun! :) It's nice for something to do while watching a movie or waiting for something to download! :)

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