Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Scrap Happens" banner

 Here's a close up of the 1st and 2nd 1/2 of my triangle banner. I made this of coarse for my scrap room. My fave color is green & brown is my 2nd fave.

 The whole banner. Totally  not where I pictured putting it, but it ended up being way longer then I pictured it would be. I'm happy w/it here though, still cute! :)
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

What I'm doing with $150 of scrapboook stuff I won from Heartstring Designs...

Back in Dec. I won a BIG contest on Heartstring Designs FB page You should really check them out and "like" them. They have great prize give aways! Or their website HERE!  They have great monthly card and scrapbook kits. They also have a realy cool unique item in their kits they are known for "matboard" It's shapes cut out of that stuff you "mat" pictures with, complete with the cool white edges. You'll see it on my 1st project. So I'm going to 1st show off the 6 kits I won, then I'm going to make something with each kit, using just some of the stuff, but only stuff from the kit.

Without further ado here's the haul...
With each kit I'll do a close up of what's in it & under I'll put the picture(s) of what I made w/that kit.
 Okay, so here's the 1st kit I made something with. This was my favorite kit I recieved! Is it any wonder I started with this one! :) Ok, so below is something little I made using only things from this kit except for some upcycled can lids for the pages and rings to hold it together of coarse.
 Here's my little snail mini can lid album. Isn't he adorable! This guy is made out of matboard! Cool stuff hugh! This stuff is exclusive to Heartstring Designs as far as I know.

Ok, the truth is I had a LO done from this kit yesterday, I just don't want to share it b/c it's not my best work. I have a problem called I take too many pictures & try to fit them on the least # of pages possible to save $$ in this already expenssive hobby. The problem with this is, it gives me less room to be creative. So I'm just going to show you the "creative parts of my LO. I couldn't get a good pic of it w/o glare anyways. I guess it just wasn't meant to be, he he. :)
 I love how the tool goes so great w/the wedding LO! Even though this was meant to be a 4th of July kit, the silver glitter paper, glitter letters & tool worked great for a wedding! :)
I decided to make some things for my oldest daughter to hang on her bed from this kit. I woke up in the middle of the night w/this idea & drew a sketch so I wouldn't forget. 
 My daughter's name start's with "B" and she loves animals and she has a cute blue and brown bedding set, so it matches perfectly! (I have to confess I used a couple extra's here, the brown ribbon to hang it up, the doily and the thread). It has a doily in the kit, but it's bigger & I didn't want to cut it all up, when I had a TON of smaller ones the perfect size! :)
 I just could not get a good picture of this darn thing! I had fun making it and it turned out really cute, but the glare from the lights overhead would shine on the glossy stickers & well here's what I got. :) It say's "sisters".
I bought this same kit last year & did a Wedding LO.
I just used this kit to make a Wedding LO, for a different wedding. It's a pretty simple LO.
 Sorry for the bad pictures, the above pic from the year before is much better & true to color!

                                         I used this thick cardboard from a candle packaging.
 I used the transparency with the car printed on it that came with the stamp in the kit on the cover.
 (the only extras I used were the rings to hold the album together & of coarse the cardboard).

 For this mini album I used this "LUCKY" embellishment from the kit as my template for the following pages and the paper I attached to the pages. I loved the shape and size of it. I think it makes an adorable little album. And green is my favorite color! It's hard to tell but the cover is a dark blue denim color. It had the letters punched out, so I put paper behind it to show the green through. 
                                                                          The End

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day fun...

 I decorated so the kids would wake up to a Valentine's party for breakfast complete with....
 Heart shaped pink pancakes, scrambled eggs w/bacon and red juice. Unfortunatley 1 kid & 1 hubby are sick in bed! Big BOO!
 The kids eating lunch at school (1 is a friend of my son's). Eating all their goodies they've collected from their homeschool classes! Poor sick boy at home, missing out! :(
 At school they had something fun for the parents todo while kiddos were in class. My oldest got to help b/c she doesn't have classes after lunch. "Cake pops" So fun, so yummy!
 My girls being sweet for me. The boys were in their pj's (did I mention we live in our pj's when we're home)!
     My little one couldn't wait to try one of these yummy cake pops! The girl loves her sweets!
 I put the dozen (minus the one my youngest ate) on the table as a center piece, it looked grate!
           Here's the heart shaped chocolate cake with pink peppermint frosting I made for desert.
 The only place a got a pic of my sick boy was making pizza. Thankfully he was feeling much better when we got home from school, which is more then I can say for his REALLY sick daddy! Boo!
                                            The baked mini heat shaped pizza's. So yummy!
 These are the Valentine cards I made for my fam. Unfortunatly my hubs didn't get his till the next day! He was totally knocked out for 36 hours straight w/the chills and a really high temp! Poor guy! Not quite how I pictured spending Valentine's Day, pretty sure it's not what he pictured either. :(
                                Hope everyone was well and had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!