Tuesday, November 30, 2010

These are my entries for the Holiday Crafters Challenge at the Paper Zone!

I made the mini scrapbook out of disposable coffee cups & the card out of a file folder. I try to use items that would otherwise be tossed or recycled! :) The winner gets a $35 gift card to the Paper Zone. This would be great to put twards my scrapbook suplies for the mini books I'm selling! :) We shall see...

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Join me in organizing your craft space!! Show us what you've got!

After a good week of working on my scrap area, it is totally transformed (thanks to my hubby w/the brilliant idea of more storage space)!!! I love having an organized hubby! :) We just took storage we already had, but weren't putting to good use and moved it to the big wall in my scrap space. (This is formerly where I had a big 6' table and was my scrapping space). We moved my computer desk w/the computer where I use to have storage w/my cricut and scrapbooks on it. I'm currently looking for a desk to put in my closet where we now have taken the doors off and this will be my new scrapping space. We moved all my scrapbooks out of boxes and here and there where I had them sprinked onto a bookshelf that was down stairs in the kids room. Now all my scrapbooks are where they can be looked at. That pic is bellow where I showed the "teaser" pic. This all rolled in to totally redoing our whole house!! I homeschool and we made the tv area into the kids school room and totally turned the kids room upside down, rearanging, purging, organizing... So this simple clean up your scrap space turned into totally redo, organize and get rid of thing in the whole house!! We are LOVING it and it was team effort! The whole fam was in on it, it's been great! I'm really excited about all the change and looking forward to living in a more peaceful home w/less clutter & know where things go!! All I can say is Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! It feels great!




This is not my scrap room, however some other areas of the house have been getting shifted as a result of my HUGE change in my scrap room... This is the wall in our eating area and used to be home for my computer desk & computer. It is now the storage place for my 40+ scrapbooks!! I moved my pictures higher and added the Established in 1997 wall hanging I made w/my cricut like 6 months ago, but have had no place to hang it, till now!!! I'm really excited about how everything is turning out and giving me LOTS more space, but just simple re-aranging, who knew!! :) Can't wait to see what you ladies have been up to!

My friend Sarah at recently approched me w/a challenge to organize our scrap spaces. I decided to make it a challenge for anyone who wants to join us. So take some before and after pictures and show us your scrap space transformation! It can be anything from tidying up to totally redoing your space. As for me I have plans in action for BIG change! The holidays are approaching fast we can all use our craft spaces for our card and gift making...So linky to my party and we'll see what you've been up to!

You have a whole week, till next Friday the 27th to post your before and after shots. So linky us to your blog so we can see your before's and linky us again next week by Friday so we can see your after photos!!

**P.S. My new friend Gypsy had a good point we have T-Day in a few days and people are busy, so I just extended my "Clean your space" linky party to Friday Dec 4. You can post yours at anytime you are ready before then! Go girls!!**

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I was really excited about this one! I am always trying to come up with something new & different I can do using items that would otherwise be tossed or recycled! I'd much rather reuse! There's 1 more double page, that I didn't show. I used things inbetween such as cardboard pages & transparencies. It's a fun one!

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