Saturday, April 30, 2011

3D picture

 For this technique you need very sharp tiny scissors and 6 of the same photo. cut the same layers & put tiny foam squares between them. There will be a few that you will make stand out more on the top layer, like I did with both my girls hair and my youngest daughter's arm and shoe. This photo is unique b/c it also goes inward for even more dimension.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Some little scrapbooks...

I'm doing my 1st craft fair. I was invited to share a table w/someone somewhat last minute, so I only have 21 albums to sell, but it's better then nothing! Plus there's no fee to sell, so anything I sell is profit, can't beat that!!! :) Here's just a few of the scrapbooks I'm going to be selling this weekend.
 This 1st one is my example album. I made this out of little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 cards. This album fits wallet sized photos well or croped pictures. I used mostly wallets in mine & I rounded the corners.
 The transparency below is from a clear stamp, just punched holes in it & added it to my album.
 Most of my albums I just add various types of tabs to leave room for people's photos on the page.
 For this valentine's page I used the thumbnails that come printed on a sheet from Costco.
 On this page I sewed a picture on to a denium page I cut out of some old jeans, I added eyelets to reinforce the holes on the jean fabric.

 On this page I cut the picture in 1/2 & punched holes, then stuck it right to the pages.

                                        These are 2 similar albums I'm selling at the craft fair.
                              I took a few pics of some of my favoite pages in these two albums.
                  It's hard to see in this picture, but I love the denium page w/the heart sewn on.

                                         A few more random albums I'll be selling at the fair.
                                    The Hero album is made out of coasters covered w/paper.
    This album is made out of old gift cards & various same sized cards then covered with paper.
                      This coffee cup album is made out of only coffee sleves & the ribbon tabs.
 This album is made out of both coffee cups & sleves. The top cover is a slice I cut out of a Starbucks water cup & put it like an overlay on top. I used a hair dryer to heat it up & help it to straighten out.
                               This album is made out of tin can lids, then covered with paper.
 this album was made out of old CD's & DVD's. The ribbon was old string from some pants or something that I stamped with an alphabet stamp.
                                            An acrylic album. These are really fun to make!

                                             Lastly a cardboard album covered with paper.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Fabric Scrabooks from old pants

I save old clothes for using in my scrapbooks. I just made these fabric scrapbooks out of an old pair of khaki shorts (4 year old size) and old jeans, my size.

 These were cargo shorts, so they had different size pockets that I used. I love that you can put things in the pockets too, kinda fun! :)
 I cut strips of the fabric and sewed down the middle of it for the ribbon on the rings and the tabs.
 I did allot of stitching, which I think added allot to the look of the album, so worth the time.
 This is the back of the album. I did the pocket backwards, so it looked cute from both ends.

 This is the denim album from my jeans. I left the pockets whole and put paper from an old manila folder cut to size in the pocket with a tab sewn on from the jeans.
 I cut out and used some of my favorite and most interesting parts of the jeans. It was really fun to make!
 I sewed the red "Seven" tag on, to make the back side of this piece more interesting.
 The last page with a pull out page in the big pocket. The pictures can be added to the jean pages by sewing them or using a strong glue such as glue dots.

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