Friday, April 1, 2011

Strip Quilt

This is my 1st time making a strip quilt! I saw one on a blog & thought it was adorable, so I had to try it!! I just want to say I AM NOT a sewer at ALL!! I do not have the patience or know how to sew at all. I will only take on a project I can finish in the same day. This was an 8 hour quilt. It was literally hot off the press, when I gave it to my friend at her baby shower tonight. I got up at 8:30 am this morning & started in & finished it at 4:30 pm, just enough time to wrap it get ready & be at the shower at 6:30 quilt in hand! :) phew!

 My friend is adopting from Ethiopia, Africa. So I cut out & ironed on Africa & cut out & ironed on Ethiopia on top. Then sewed around them w/my machine. I did the little bows instead of quilting it.
I kind of did a make shift binding or boarder. I just made the bottom 2 inches bigger then the top & folded it 2x to make the boarder & played w/the corners until I liked them. This is proof if I can make a quilt certainly anyone can make a quilt. This one is small, it's meant for carying around like a "special" blanket & sleeping with it. It's like a big doll size quilt.

I'm liking up to these parties...


Monica said...

Super quilt... so very pretty. Such awesome colours as well. Good luck with the parties.

xxx Monica

Sarah said...

So adorable Chrystie, I love it!

Naturally Me Creations said...

Wow...i'm sure you're lying about not being able to sew, me, i REALLY don't know how to sew. ;)

Your little blanket is adorable, it turned out really great, what a lucky friend! :)

I was just thinking about you the other day (not in a weird way, tee hee), thinking i haven't seen you in a while, and then you link up! I also wanted to let you know that i've changed my comment form so that it doesn't leave the page one is trying to comment on, so i've now made it a pop-up comment form thingy - now you should be able to comment on my blog too! :)

Chrystie said...

Ok, I SWEAR I am not lying about not knowing how to sew! I took 1 class 2 years ago when my Mother-in-law surprized me w/a sewing machine for Christmas. I had to take a class to learn how to thread my machine & use it. Since then I've only used it a handful of times, seriously! I've made like 3 baby size quilts, 4 counting the stip quilt & 5 pillows. Other then that I've only use it a few times to sew on a scrapbook page. No lie, I totally don't know what I'm doing!! That's my point, if I can make this, anyone can! I totally winged it w/no idea how to do it. :)