Friday, August 29, 2014

Spontaneous Craft Sale!

I posted a few things on Craigslist and a lady called up to come look at my stuff for sale. Next thing you know, I've got a store set up in my living room! I keep finding more stuff to sell as I go through my craft room! It's amazing what you accumulate in a lifetime of crafting! I will leave it set up today (Fri) and Sat. If you are interested in checking it out comment and I will get back to you. I'm happy to ship items too. I will be adding more stuff to my long blog post as I find more things! I'm also updating things that have sold as they sell. So act fast!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

HUGE Cleaning Out My Scrap Room Sale!!!

 I have been scrapbooking for 19 years and have acquired MUCH over the years! There's a few random household items that I threw in here. I will post under each item where you can buy it. I hope to sell most of it locally, but will also ship items. I take Pay Pal and a few of my items are on Amazon. There are lots of brand new items as well as hardly used or partially used. Each item will say the condition and details describing it below it. I'm putting things in sections to make it a bit easier to find what you want. Im still adding more items. I will update as things sell.

Table Runner SOLD!

 Brand new reversible Longaberger table runner $10 for local pick up, $15 shipped.

2 Longaberger baskets, 1 small purse (fits square or short rectangle wallet and a few small items) Good condition. I'm asking $35 for each. OR $90 if you want all 3. If I ship them to you add $5 ea for shipping.

3 Kitchen jars on a rack or I used them for craft items. $10 in person $20 shipped. I'm also selling the large and small book rings (rings with a hinge for holding papers and such together) in the jars $0.50 per 1/2 cup scoop.

 New,various sizes of canvas 8x10 1/2" thick $2, 12x12 1" thick $6 and 3 pack of 11x14 flat hard backed $5, add $5 shipping each or $9 shipping for all 3.

2 be creative frames 8x10 size (can stand up on surface for display) $3 or 12x12 size (can stand up on surface or hang on wall) $5 with a flat white decorating surface. 1-10 1/2 x 12 1/2 canvas frame by Stampin' Up (can stand up or hang on wall) $7 in person. Add $5 shipping each or $8 shipping for all 3.

Family picture frame 12 1/2 x 17 $5, Live, Laugh, Love picture frame 12 1/2 x 18 1/2 $5 in person, shipped add $5 ea. or $8 for both.

Create your own Calendars $4 ea. Just add photos, art ect. add $3 shipping ea. or $5 shipping for both.

Cupcake decorator templates (never used), Christmas mini (never used)  and Pink (only a few used), white and black mini cupcake liners $7 for all 3 locally or $10 shipped.

Cake Pops tips, tricks and recipes by Bakerella. Like new, never used.  $12 in person $17 shipped. 

12 brand new cards wedding, get well, sympathy and congratulations $6 for local pick up $10 shipped.

4 New vinyl wall decals "Together is a wonderful place to be", swirl, love and smile. $10 local pick up $12 shipped.

XYRON 5" Creative Station (sticker maker). $12 to meet locally, $17 shipped. Does not come with adhesive. 

Cricut Bundle includes Cricut (fits 6x12 inch paper), 2 cartridges "George and Basic Shapes" and "Home Accents", comes with about 1/2 roll black vinyl, about 1/2 roll of positioning tape for use with vinyl,  2 cutting mats 1 slightly used and 1 brand new, 5 Cricut pens only 1 is slightly used, 2 extra blades.  This machine is 6-7 years old. It has had very little use (this is why I'm selling it). Runs perfectly. $150 to meet locally, $165 shipped. 

Cricut font cartridges. These all work well and were hardly used. I will sell them for $15 ea. to meet locally,  $20 shipped. Or if you want to buy all 4 I will give you a bundle discount $50 locally or $60 shipped. 

The Slice, I bought this used from Paper Zone (they used it in the store), it came w/o a cord. I was told you can buy one at an electronic store such as Radio Shack. $10 in person, $15 shipped.

The Cropadile Big Bite $15 in person, $20 shipped.

Scrapbook/Craft chalks, I got these in a class and used a few of the colors  1x. I'm asking $10 in person, $14 shipped.

Two brand new, 8" white chipboard letter "Z"'s. $1 for both or $0.50 each in person, add $3 shipping.

17 rolls of ribbon (2 not pictured, that I found after). 1 is brand new the others are all partly used. $10 in person, $15 shipped.

2 packs of color pens for hand tinting your B & W photos. Includes everything you need. $8 in person, $12 shipped.

This is a brand new pack of Canon 4x6 photo paper. I would guess there's 50 or more photo papers. $6 in person, $10 shipped.

Embellishment kits by theme (Some new in package some partly used stickers) Family, Celebrations, white Christmas chipboard, Seasons, Girl, Love.  Big bags (Family and Seasons) $4, Med. bags (Girl, Love) $3, Small bags (Celebrate and Christmas chipboard) $2. Or take all 6 bags for $10! Add $3 ship for small bags and $5 for bigger ones. Or $7 to ship all. 

Raw chipboard bundle in many shapes and sizes ranging from 1x1 - 12x12. $5 in person, $9 shipped.

These unique colorful shapes are cut from  Matte board. $6 in person, $9 shipped.

This is 2 bags of partly used misc. chipboard letters and numbers. $3 in person, $6 shipped.

6 rolls of barely used tape (5 rolls of washi and 2 rolls of glitter tape). $7 in person, $10 shipped.

3 jars of partly used paper flowers (2 pink, 1 green). $6 in person, $11 shipped.

Small Creative Memories swirl and star-burst punch and 2 boxes for holding the punched paper. Hardly used. $7 in person, $12 shipped. Bellow is a closer picture of the punch.

Martha Stewart Around the Page heart punch set $18 in person, $22 shipped.

Creative Memories double heart punch $16 in person, $20 shipped. 

New Soldering kit by Simply Swank. Most of the items are brand new and never used. The solder gun is also never used. I took a class and used a couple of the consumable items, but there's plenty there to get you started. I also bought lots of extras that are new in the packages. The only reason I took things out of my kit was so they would fit in my drawer. Here's some samples of what you can make from Craft Critique . These things were over $100 when I bought them. I'm asking $90 in person, $99 shipped.

Grey Heidi Swapp chipboard alphabet booklet. It's not thick like chipboard, more like a cardstalk sticker. This is a brand new sticker pack of alphabets and numbers. It has 391 pieces. $4 in person, $9 shipped. Below is a close up of the stickers.

A bundle of partly used velum, rub ons and clear stickers. $4 in person, $9 shipped. Below is a close up of the 3 big packs. 

New Creative Memories 5x7 "Sweet Blossoms" album, new in the package. $16 in person, $20 shipped.

New Fabric covered chipboard album 4 pgs., 6 x 6", $ 2 in person, $ 5 shipped.

New Blackboard chipboard album 3 1/2 x 6", 6 pgs, comes with 1 book ring. $4 in person, $8 shipped.

New clear 8 x 8 album, 6 pages, comes with 3 book rings to hold it together.  $8 in person,  $12 shipped.

New Creative Memories 12 x 12,  periwinkle album, $25 in person add $ 6 for shipping.

 New Creative Memories 12 x 12,  chocolate album, $25 in person add $ 6 for shipping.

 New Creative Memories 12 x 15, cobalt blue album, comes with 15 12 x 15 CM pages, $45 in person add $ 6 for shipping.

Opened, unused 15 black 12 x 15 Creative Memories refill pages, $15 in person, $20 shipped.

 Opened unused, 5 CM pages 1 sand, 4 black 12 x 12 Creative Memories refill pages, $4 in person, $8 shipped.

 New in package 5 "It's a Girl" 12 x 12 Creative Memories refill pages, $10 in person, $15 shipped. Example page shown below.

New in package 15 white 12 x 15 Creative Memories refill pages, $20 in person, $25 shipped.

4 handmade mini scrapbooks. Denim 6 x 6 1/2", 4 big pages and 2 small, $8. Acrylic Live, Laugh, Love album (decorated, just add pictures, great gift)! $16, Memories chipboard album, 4 pgs., 5 3/4 x 5 3/4",  $3. Black Leather album with 24 pages of handmade paper, hand stitched into the album , $20. Add $4 shipping ea. or $6 shipping for 2 or more. 

This is a small black Creative Memories zip closure storage bag. It's handy for storing things like pens, tape runners and scissors, ect. I mostly used it for bringing things to a scrap retreat or a crop. The middle divider is removable. $8 in person, $12 shipped. 

 Desk stand pocket page paper or sticker organizer. Just add pocket pages. This is what I used to hold all my stickers and flip threw them. It's meant for an office, but works well for scrap supplies. Can sell pocket pages upon request. $12 in person, $20 shipped.

Big ribbon organizer has a removable shelf inside for more storage. $5 in person, $10 shipped.

11 Baby stamps, mostly Stampin' Up wood mounted rubber stamps. $6 in person,  $11 shipped.

5 Leaf stamps just in time for fall. Rubber wood mounted stamps. $3 in person, $7 shipped.

11 Sediment stamps. 8 rubber wood mounted stamps and 3 self inking stamps. $6 in person, $10 shipped.
Alpha set SOLD!
Stampin' Up, rubber, wood mounted, alphabet stamps. $5 in person, $10 shipped.

Stampin' Up, big fish, rubber, wood mounted stamps. $6 in person, $11 shipped.

Rubber, wood mounted "LOVE" stamps. $4, in person, $9 shipped.

9 Christmas/Winter foam stamps and 1 rubber wood mounted stamp. $4 in person, $9 shipped.

Foam alphabet stamps, pop the middle out and you can stamp the negative or positive stamp. Never used. $3 in person, $7 shipped. Bellow is a close up of the foam alphabet.

Journal Stamp Set SOLD!
Stampin' Up journaling stamp and templates. $4 in person, $8 shipped.

2 new small packs of clear stamps. $2 for both in person, $5 shipped.

5 Brand New acrylic, Close to My Heart stamps $14 in person, $18 shipped.

My Acrylics stamp set by Close to my Heart. The letter "A" 11 stamps. $7 in person, $12 shipped.

My Acrylics stamp set by Close to my Heart. "Adorable" stamp set (13 stamps). $8 in person, $13 shipped.
Various acrylic stamps. The "LOVE" set is designed by Ali Edwards. The sunny set is missing the cloud. 11 stamps. $4 in person, $9 shipped.

Random letter set stamps A, B, C, F and frames. Over 25 small stamps. $3 in person, $6 shipped.

This is a big alphabet set of acrylic stamps. The letters are aprox. 1-3" high. $4 in person, $8 shipped.

Acrylic Christmas stamps $4 in person, $7 shipped. Below are 2 more closer pictures of the stamps.

Acrylic baby and craft stamps. $4 in person, $7 shipped.  Bellow are some more close ups.

Spring and LOVE acrylic stamps. Over 30 stamps. $7 in person, $11 shipped. More pictures below.

Over 20 Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years acrylic stamps. $4 in person, $7 shipped.
Close ups of the above stamp set.

Journal frames and party acrylic stamps. 9 stamps. $3 in person, $5 shipped.
Over 20 foam flower stamps and 3  plastic mounted random foam stamps. $5 in person, $10 shipped.

Clear alphabet stamp set, missing the letter "O". You can use the circle on the "G" to make an "O". $2.50 in person, $7.50 shipped.

This is a brand new book.

The Very Best of Yes, It's a Scrapbook!: Creative Albums, Photo Decor and Decorative Journals


This is a brand new book. 

Get Creative with Type: Fun Typography Ideas and Tips for Scrapbooking


This is a brand new scrap stack.

Deluxe Scrapbooking Simple 1 2 3 (4 Scrapbooks in one, more than 600 pieces in 4 collections)

All 3 above items can be found on my seller account The Green Cottage 


Turquoise PL Kit SOLD!

Turquoise Edition Core Kit. This is part of the kit. This is the 1st kit I bought around 3 years ago. It's probably aprox. 1/3 of the big kit. $6 to meet in person, $8 shipped. Bellow I took a picture of the stack with a box of playing cards to compare how much is there. The tall stack on the left is the smaller cards, the stack on the right is the bigger ones. *Note the early PL cards are slightly smaller then the new ones. 

This is a mix of many different kits. I don't know which ones I have here, it's just a big mix. I tried to arrange them so you can get an idea of what's in there. There's quite a bit more cards in this bundle then the one above and these cards are all newer then those so I'm pricing this bundle a bit higher for those reasons. $10 for in person, $12 shipped.