Friday, September 22, 2017

Memory Keeping with 1 Second Everyday App

The circled app, is the 1 Second app. This is a really fun memory app. You film 1 second every day or pic 1 second from a video you took that day and add it to that day in the app. 

This is what the calendar in the app looks like with your added daily videos. It automatically meshes them together to make a compilation with 1 second from each day. 

I tried to include some of my video to show you what it looks like meshed togetyher, but the file is too big. Here's a link to the creator of the app doing a Ted Talk on his app. This is where I 1st learned about it. Enjoy!

Staying up to Date with Project Life Digitally

I have scrapbooked for 22 years and swore, I would never go digital! I'm finding in this fast pace digital age, it's the only way I can keep up with recording my memories! It's quick and easy, it takes me 5 mins every night before I go to bed. I use and love the Collect app, to keep track of every day.

This is what a month looks like in the Collect app. You pick 1 or more photos to add to each day. I personally simplify, by just picking 1 photo to represent each day. This is part of how I stay caught up, it's quick. Then I write a couple of sentences about the day. This is what an individual day looks like when  you click on it.

Sometimes I abbreviate or shorten things to fit more info on the day. (You can print these cute sturdy cards out and they fit right in the small 3x4 pockets in a project life album.) That's what I used to do. To save both time and money, I do it digitally.

I select and copy what I wrote about the day in the Collect app. Then I go to my Project Life app. I open my current page and paste the memories from that day on my Project Life journal card. I make 1 digital Project Life page per week. I pick a layout for each week and 1 journal card to place on the layout. Then I write "Mon"- and paste my Monday memories that I copied from my Collect app. I do this for each day of the week. I also add 1 or more photos from each day on the page (depending on the layout I chose.) If I know I'm going to an even where I will want more pictures that week, I pick a layout that allows for more pictures. Here's a close up look at one of my journal cards for the week on my Project Life page.
I've gotten in the habit of taking the 5 mins each night to do this. I have kept up with it since January of this year. Then, when ever there's a special or when your ready 1x per month or at the end of the year. Simply print out the 12x12 layouts and put them in a 12x12 scrapbook. And you will stay caught up on your precious memories! Here is a completed layout of one week in my life. 
Occasionally, if an event is really important or has allot of pictures, I have done a 2 page layout. But I try to keep it to 1 page most of the time to save time, money and space in the scrapbook. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Back-to-School Teacher Gifts

I wanted to make something cute, fall themed and inexpensive since we have several teachers. What teacher doesn't love apples! :) I bought the fall themed baggies and ribbon at the Dollar Store. At the grocery store I bought the apples and individual serving size caramel dips (came in a pkg of 6). Or you could buy some cute, little glass jars at the Dollar Store and make homemade caramel dip. 

My daughter helped by putting the carmel packs in the bottom of the bag and the apple on top. (Good idea to test the apples at the store to make sure they stand flat, some of ours wanted to roll on their side). Then I cut the ribbon and tied the bows. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

December Daily 2016

If you are not familiar with the December daily albums, it's a mini album of December. I bellieve it was started by Ali Edwards, . I cracked up after posting this when I realized my album for this year says 2006, wow! I fixed it after posting it, lol!

There's endless ways you can do a December daily album. Anywhere from creating an album from scratch to using a 2 ring binder, As I have here. 

There's really no end to how creative you can be with it! I save holiday event tickets and memorabilia to add to my album in a memorabilia pocket, or stick it to the page. 

I have also incorporated some clear pocket pages. I will put some pictures in the spaces on the pages and some in the photo pocket sleeves. 

 My style is to use anything and everything that catches my eye. I'm really not a matchy matchy kit gal! I do like kits, but I find you can use all kinds of things together without having to stick to a kit. So get creative and branch outside of that kit mentality! If you like it, use it! Challenge yourself!

I found when I was tight on funds, that was when I got the most creative!! See what you have in your stash or what memorabilia you've saved from past Christmases. Use tissue and wrapping paper.

Above I used a cute clipping I saved from a magazine add and a tag from clothes. Below I used a stamp I saved from a card I received. 

 I used a cute Starbucks gift card I kept and a candy wrapper from a holiday candy I love!

 I even mixed up the pages. The album I used was actually meant for spring and it came with coordinating pages. I keep the pages that could still work for Christmas and took out the really springy ones. Then added more pages I had. You could also easily make pages with cardboard or paper.

Some of the pages I used from a different album kit had different holes punched. I just punched new ones to make it fit this album. 

I used alphabet stickers, various stickers and embellishments from all different stickers I had, not just Christmas stuff. Don't limit yourself to the Christmas theme, other embellishments can work too!

 Remember to record notes from each day in December and add photos, even if it's not a Christmas event. It's fun to look back on the month as a whole. No one does Christmas stuff everyday!

I number each page with fun number stickers or embellishments to represent each day in December. 

 I like to put some sort of tab on each page because it looks cute and makes it easier to grab. Especially the short or weaker pages.

I love washi tape and like to accent my pages with it or use it for tabs. I also like using paper clips just to add a little something sticking out from the top of the page.

I believe most people end the December daily album at day 25. I decided to make mine through the whole month because sometimes we do fun stuff after Christmas too, so why not!

I love the Wood veneer and cork embellishments, I incorporated some of these on my pages as well.

One thing I came up with when I was low on fund that I have fallen in love with is, to save punches or purposely punch hole in small scraps and save them in a jar. I add in little embellishments, sequins, glitter and whatever I think would be cute. Shake the jar and simple apply with glue or glue dots to desired area. Free and so cute!! Also makes good shaker packets! Here's an example if you've never seen shaker packets
 I hope you are inspired and excited to go make a December daily album!! Be creative and have fun!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bible Art Journaling - Watercolor

I am really enjoying water-coloring in  my Art bible! It brings me into a deeper thinking of the scripture. I know it's not for everyone, but for the artsy mind, I find it brings the scripture together more clearly. I'm connecting things in new ways and able to study the scripture deeper by making it visual. It's really coming to life for me through this process. It's not about your skill level, as you can see, but more to get you thinking in a creative way about God the creator. I really connect to God through the nature he created and through art. Tying it all in with his word is just amazing!!

I was have a couple of hard days recently and nothing cheered me up, until I painted this in my bible. I was inspired by my rainbow mug. I love rainbows and the promise behind the rainbow! So, I turned to Genesis, where God made this covenant with Noah. This is my favorite page so far, not because I think it's my best, but because it makes me happy. I'm so thankful to have a loving and creative God, that created me in his image!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

How I use the Collect App for Project Life

This is what the Collect App looks like. I take at least 1 picture every day. 

I write the summary of what we did that day, anything from the ordinary to the exciting. Not everyday is eventful! Sometimes I have to come up with something to take a picture of that day. But, it's real life and it's a memory from each day of what our life looks like. You can print these out on cards the size of the small Project Life journal cards and just slide them in the small page pockets. Sometimes I put one here or there in my scrapbooks, or use them on Vacations to record the details with the picture then print out. But, this year I'm taking 1 picture per day to print out and make into my 2016 scrapbook using just these photo cards, 1 per day. It's easy and fun to stay caught up. Then I just print at the end of each month and slide them in the pocket pages!

Watercolor Bible Art Journaling

I'm really enjoying bible journaling. I'm learning as I go and figuring out what my style is. For me it brings the bible to life and makes it visual. I've always had issues with reading comprehension and I"m not a fast reader. This helps me to really focus in on a theme and think about the scripture in a new way! I highly recommend giving it a try!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bible Journaling with Watercolor

Bible journaling recently caught my eye and I was totally drawn to it. I had to try it! Over the summer I started playing with water colors and fell in love! I'm defiantly a beginner and just playing, but I'm having lots of fun with it! I am by no means a perfectionist, so the pages crinkling a bit from the water and bleeding through the page doesn't bother me. As a matter a fact to me it adds to the artsiness. I have a bible journal Pinterest board  here  if you want to get some more inspiration and ideas. I practiced in an old bible before starting in my new journal bible. If you're not sure of your style or if you will like something I highly recommend testing it out 1st on an old bible or book. For me, it helps the scripture come alive, much like the visual bible. It speaks to me in a different way and I'm able to express spiritual thoughts or scriptures in a different way. It brings the scripture alive. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Fun Gifts for a Scrapbook Retreat from my Stash

I picked things I bought in bulk or cute things that I just haven't gotten around to using. 
 The finished product up close. This took time, but not any extra money and I still have cute gifts to share at the scrapbook retreat. It's a win win!
 I made some simple PL cards by wrapping the top with washi tape. Then selected some things I have in excess to make a cute little gift.

 I had some rolls of glitter tape, so I measured and cut little strips to add to all the kits.
Then I wrapped a PL card with 3 different washi tapes to include in each package. I found cute paper clips I had in my office stash and clipped everything together. Then I just stuck them in little zip lock bags to keep them nice. Tada! So you don't need to go out and buy gifts, many times if you look around you can get creative with what you already have and aren't using!