Thursday, October 2, 2014

Project Life Hawaii layouts

 I started working on our Hawaiian vacation album from June. The below layouts are some of the pages from our 1st 2 days. So far both days are 5 pages long. I'm thinking there might be a volume 2 of our trip, yikes! Bellow are some close ups of my above layout.

 Some close ups of my above layout. 

 I loved all the beautiful exotic plants and flowers in Hawaii!
 I saved and pressed some plants and flowers from our trip to include in the scrapbook. 

 I added some decorative glass pebbles to this journal card. 
 I really didn't want to loose the tops of these pictures under the Diamond Head title because I think they're interesting enough to keep, so I kept them. 

Some flowers I pressed that I brought home from Hawaii.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Refilling my Paper Punches

My 10 year old daughter actually started this jar for me. I have loved my paper hole punches and used them a ton! I just used 1/2 a jar on my recent Project Life projects and have been using my paper scraps to punch more paper dots to refill my jar. I also add random sparkles and sequins to make it pretty. I punch tickets and book pages and paper scraps. I love the look of it and it's fun and easy to use. Just run some adhesive and shake some dots and press to stick.Or sew some between some transparency for a shaker pocket, great for Project Life.  Be creative and have fun with your homemade confetti!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Making Project Life Cards

I decided to try my hand at making Project Life cards out of all my scrap paper. 
 I had fun playing with different scraps, tapes and ribbons I had laying around.
 I tried sticking some things from my whole punch jar to the top of one, I like how it turned out!
 I enjoyed making these! I think I will defiantly do this more in the future!
 I am selling these for $0.50 each. I'm adding them to my blog post with all the scrapbooking items I'm selling here. Come check it out, there's still lots of things left. I take Paypal.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Project Life Confetti Pockets

I have seen people make these cute confetti pockets for their PL albums and decided to give it a try. 

 After making several confetti pockets I got the idea to add some other little die cuts and chipboard to them. I think they turned out pretty cute!They are cuter in person with out the glare.
 I'm excited to make a page and try them out! I may even sell some. I had fun making them!

Monday, September 8, 2014

How I minimized my scrap stash to scrap more efficiently

 This is my craft area before I started. As you can see I just simply had acquired too much stuff to have a work space. I would walk in and want to walk back out or hop on the computer because it was too overwhelming in here to have fun with it!
I have sold allot of my stuff but I still have a TON for sale here. My goal is to sell all the extra craft stuff and buy my dream desk to store it where it's all in view and with in reach. I have already purchased this awesome cart to store my Project Life stuff.
 I have started organizing it and I'm getting so excited to use my new usable space!!
Here's my current after photo. There's allot less stuff in my craft room and on the shelves. I still am figuring out where to put things. I have a vision for this room in the near future. I want to take out the middle IKEA shelf and replace it with a desk. That will give me 4 desks in this room, one on each wall. I can then work at my desk while my kids do their homeschooling. I will not only scrap at this desk, but it will be my project desk for what ever needs to be done. Then I'm right there to help my kids with their school work and if I finish what I need to get done, I can work on some scrapbooking and still be hanging out with them! I'm so excited about it!
Below is my desk. I now put my projects to be done in piles on my work desk. I used it today and got a bunch of forms filled out that have been sitting next to my bed. Now that I have a designated "to do desk" I got it done! I also have a goal to get at least 10 mins. of creative time a day at my desk. Little by little I will get stuff done! Before I was only scrapbooking 2 x per year when I would go away with my scrap buddy. Now I will be able to be continually working on it and all those mins. add up quick! Before you know it I'll have a book done! I've also switched over almost completely to Project Life. I love it because you need way less stuff to do it! Yet you can still be creative and you can still add the occasional full page LO if you choose to! I'm just so excited to make my space usable again!! It's been too long since I've used my scrap space! Happy scraping!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Spontaneous Craft Sale!

I posted a few things on Craigslist and a lady called up to come look at my stuff for sale. Next thing you know, I've got a store set up in my living room! I keep finding more stuff to sell as I go through my craft room! It's amazing what you accumulate in a lifetime of crafting! I will leave it set up today (Fri) and Sat. If you are interested in checking it out comment and I will get back to you. I'm happy to ship items too. I will be adding more stuff to my long blog post as I find more things! I'm also updating things that have sold as they sell. So act fast!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

HUGE Scrap Room Clean Out Sale!!!

 I have been scrapbooking for 20 years and have acquired MUCH over the years! There's a few random household items that I threw in here. I will post under each item where you can buy it. I hope to sell most of it locally, but will also ship items. I take Pay Pal and a few of my items are on Amazon. There are lots of brand new items as well as hardly used or partially used. Each item will say the condition and details describing it below it. I'm putting things in sections to make it a bit easier to find what you want. Im still adding more items. I will update as things sell.


Wood sign with vinyl lettering $5 in person, $12 shipped.

2 Longaberger baskets, 1 small purse (fits square or short rectangle wallet and a few small items) Good condition. I'm asking $35 for each. OR $90 if you want all 3. If I ship them to you add $5 ea for shipping.

12x12 Creative Memories magnetic scrapbook page display with lip for pen or chalk. $2 in person, $7 shipped.

I bought this shutter for $12.99 used to make in to something fun, but never did. I'm asking $7 in person, $13 shipped.

 These are new unisex SiDi bicycling shoes size 5 in mens. They were purchased for $229, I'm asking $165 in person, $175 shipped.

Cake Pops tips, tricks and recipes by Bakerella. Like new, never used.  $4 in person $9 shipped. 

XYRON 5" Creative Station (sticker maker). $5 to meet locally, $11 shipped. Does not come with adhesive. 

New in package Sizex Texture Fades Embossing Folders-2 Pk. Currently on sale on the Sizex site for $10.99. I'm asking $4 in person, $9 shipped.


2- brand new, 8" white chipboard letter "Z"'s. $1 for both or $0.50 each in person, add $3 shipping.

This is a brand new pack of Canon 4x6 photo paper. I would guess there's 50 or more photo papers. $3 in person, $7 shipped. 

Small Creative Memories swirl and star-burst punch and 2 boxes for holding the punched paper. Hardly used. $3 in person, $8 shipped. Bellow is a closer picture of the punch.

Martha Stewart Around the Page heart punch set $8 in person, $13 shipped.

 Martha Stewart big flower bed deep edge punch $7 in person, $12 shipped.
Fiskars scalloped edge punch $7 in person, $12.

New Soldering kit by Simply Swank. Most of the items are brand new and never used. The solder gun is also never used. I took a class and used a couple of the consumable items, but there's plenty there to get you started. I also bought lots of extras that are new in the packages. The only reason I took things out of my kit was so they would fit in my drawer. Here's some samples of what you can make from Craft Critique . These things were over $120 when I bought them. I'm asking $75 in person, $85 shipped.

New Creative Memories 5x7 "Sweet Blossoms" album, new in the package. $10 in person, $15 shipped.

New Creative Memories 7x7 aGreen with foil swirls album. No pages included. $10 in person or $15 shipped. 

New in package blue 7x7 Daisy album. Comes with pages in it. $15 in person or $20 shipped.

New Blackboard chipboard album 3 1/2 x 6", 6 pgs, comes with 1 book ring. $3 in person, $7 shipped.

New clear 8 x 8 album, 6 pages, comes with 3 book rings to hold it together.  $5 in person,  $9 shipped.

New Creative Memories 12 x 12,  periwinkle album, $25 in person add $ 7 for shipping.

Opened, unused 15 black 12 x 15 Creative Memories refill pages, $10 in person, $15 shipped.

 Opened unused, 5 CM pages 1 sand, 4 black 12 x 12 Creative Memories refill pages, $4 in person, $8 shipped.

 New in package 5 "It's a Girl" 12 x 12 Creative Memories refill pages, $10 in person, $15 shipped. Example page shown below.

New in package 15 white 12 x 15 Creative Memories refill pages, $15 in person, $20 shipped.

4 handmade mini scrapbooks. Denim 6 x 6 1/2", 4 big pages and 2 small, $8. Acrylic Live, Laugh, Love album (decorated, just add pictures, great gift)! $12, Memories chipboard album, 4 pgs., 5 3/4 x 5 3/4",  $3. Black Leather album with 24 pages of handmade paper, hand stitched into the album , $15. Add $4 shipping ea. or $6 shipping for 2 or more. 


Creative Memories medium file folder. $3 in person, $8 shipped.


New in package Hero Arts rubber stamp clings Dot and Notebook Paper $3 each in person, $7 shipped.

11 Baby stamps, mostly Stampin' Up wood mounted rubber stamps. $3 in person,  $9 shipped.

11 Sediment stamps. 8 rubber wood mounted stamps and 3 self inking stamps. $3 in person, $9 shipped.

Rubber, wood mounted "LOVE" stamps. $3, in person, $9 shipped.

2 new small packs of clear stamps. $1 for both in person, $4 shipped.

My Acrylics stamp set by Close to my Heart. The letter "A" 11 stamps. $3 in person, $7 shipped.

My Acrylics stamp set by Close to my Heart. "Adorable" stamp set (13 stamps). $5 in person, $9 shipped.
Various acrylic stamps. The "LOVE" set is designed by Ali Edwards. The sunny set is missing the cloud. 11 stamps. $3 in person, $7 shipped.

Random letter set stamps A, B, C, F and frames. Over 25 small stamps. $2 in person, $5 shipped.

This is a big alphabet set of acrylic stamps. The letters are aprox. 1-3" high. $4 in person, $8 shipped.

Acrylic Christmas stamps $3 in person, $7 shipped. Below are 2 more closer pictures of the stamps.

Acrylic baby and craft stamps. $3 in person, $7 shipped.  Bellow are some more close ups.

Journal frames and party acrylic stamps. 9 stamps. $3 in person, $5 shipped.

This is a brand new book.

The Very Best of Yes, It's a Scrapbook!: Creative Albums, Photo Decor and Decorative Journals

  $5 in person, $10 shipped.

This is a brand new book. 

Get Creative with Type: Fun Typography Ideas and Tips for Scrapbooking

$5 in person, $ 10 shipped.