Monday, September 8, 2014

How I minimized my scrap stash to scrap more efficiently

 This is my craft area before I started. As you can see I just simply had acquired too much stuff to have a work space. I would walk in and want to walk back out or hop on the computer because it was too overwhelming in here to have fun with it!
I have sold allot of my stuff but I still have a TON for sale here. My goal is to sell all the extra craft stuff and buy my dream desk to store it where it's all in view and with in reach. I have already purchased this awesome cart to store my Project Life stuff.
 I have started organizing it and I'm getting so excited to use my new usable space!!
Here's my current after photo. There's allot less stuff in my craft room and on the shelves. I still am figuring out where to put things. I have a vision for this room in the near future. I want to take out the middle IKEA shelf and replace it with a desk. That will give me 4 desks in this room, one on each wall. I can then work at my desk while my kids do their homeschooling. I will not only scrap at this desk, but it will be my project desk for what ever needs to be done. Then I'm right there to help my kids with their school work and if I finish what I need to get done, I can work on some scrapbooking and still be hanging out with them! I'm so excited about it!
Below is my desk. I now put my projects to be done in piles on my work desk. I used it today and got a bunch of forms filled out that have been sitting next to my bed. Now that I have a designated "to do desk" I got it done! I also have a goal to get at least 10 mins. of creative time a day at my desk. Little by little I will get stuff done! Before I was only scrapbooking 2 x per year when I would go away with my scrap buddy. Now I will be able to be continually working on it and all those mins. add up quick! Before you know it I'll have a book done! I've also switched over almost completely to Project Life. I love it because you need way less stuff to do it! Yet you can still be creative and you can still add the occasional full page LO if you choose to! I'm just so excited to make my space usable again!! It's been too long since I've used my scrap space! Happy scraping!

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