Monday, January 31, 2011

My latest Fave LO!

I recently did this LO of my youngest daughter. She truely is a free spirit! :) I LOVED the pic of her spinning around on the top right so I kind of did the page around that motion of her spinning. I had fun with this one! :)

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Friday, January 28, 2011

"True Love" heart acrylic scrapbook

 I made this acrylic album about 2 years ago. I just have never posted it & thought it's that time of year, why not?!! If you've never done an acrylic type album b/c you're scared to try it. I was the same way. As a matter a fact this is my 1st acrylic album & I loved how it ended up turning out! Who knew how fun it would be!! I had the album for a while, but kept being to unsure what it would turn out like & how to even start it. I kept putting it off. So I finally brought it w/me on vacation for something to do & that's where it all happened! As a matter a fact that's where my love for mini albums started! :) I have very few I keep. I give most of my mini albums away as gifts or sell them. So my best advice if you have always wanted to make one of these bad boys, but have been to scared to start is....JUST DO IT! It's SO fun! I also tried to make sure things lined up & looked good from both sides & all the way through the album before sticking it down. A little trickier then a non see through album, but so fun!
 My hubby proposing. Hard to believe we were only 19 yo here. almost 14 years later, we're still going strong! :)

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

"i love u" album

 To make this album I used 6x6 paper that was already shaped. I used double sticky tape to attach the paper to thin cardboard. Then just cut the cardboard away where it didn't belong. Then added embellies & ribbon!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I "LOVE" Wire words!

 I used 12 gauge aluminum jewelry wire, found at any craft store w/ bead supplies. 1st I wrote out the word I wanted in this case "LOVE". Then I started bending the wire & holding it on the paper to match it to my writing. I did have to pic it up to do the loop-d-loos. Some words will work better then others.
 I also wrote out Paris bellow, which was more challenging to connect & dot the "i". I love how they turned out though & it was SO quick & simple! It took me like 10 mins. to do both words! Very cheep too! I had so much fun, I'm thinking I may start making these to sell! :)
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love Letters

I was inspired by a couple different blogs to make some letters to fill this empty frame. These are mine & hubby's 1st initials & the D is for our last name, this is why I titled it "Love Letters".  I was going to do yarn letters, but didn't want to spend the hour+ each letter. I decided to make them simple & just trace & glue romantic paper to go with my Paris theme on my wall.
 The letters in the frame. I simply nailed up the wood letters once I glued the paper on. The "C" was slightly crooked, so I put a glue dot behind it, totally did the trick! :)
 This is a view of the letters on my wall in my scrap nook to get a better idea where they're hangin'.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Painting and Organizing Projects

 I got this freebie from my Mother-in-law. Her father actually made it, so it's nice to keep it in the family! These are the before pics of the sewing table he made for his wife.
 This is the desk after I painted it green, added bead board to the front of the door (easier then making a new door!) I changed out the old knob for a cute glass one and put pictures in the spot where the sewing machine would go. Now I just need to call a few glass places for a scrap the size of my desk!
 Here's a close up of the pictures in the hole in the desk, I cut cardboard to fit under them and put cute paper behind the pics to cover it up. I love how it adds something cute & unique to the desk. :)
                        Here's a closer pic of the cute glass knob I added to the door, I LOVE it! :)
 My Mother-in-law put this contact paper on the shelving when she had the desk, I actually thought it was really cute, so I left it and painted around it.
 This is our room before we got a really cute new quilt and sheets for Christmas that I asked for, but didn't realize wouldn't match our green wall. (excuse the swipe of the new color, tester spot by the window). I forgot to take a pic before the tester swipe, oops! But you get the idea. :)

 This is the new bedding and the new accent wall color! I didn't know if I'd like the new color, but I do!
 This wall color is more beigey brownish, but cute. Much lighter then the green I had before. The bedding is somewhere between a celery and a sage green. I love it!
 A pic of me and my hunny I added to the frame, instead of the one that came w/it I had in there, ha ha!
This is my new FREE scrap desk before picture...
 I got this awesome window from my good friends Mike and Sarah, thanks guys!! I SO love it!! Sarah's hubby's in construction and the lady who's house he was working on didn't want these old windows So I was the lucky recipient of 3 of these! 
This is the window I redid, oops forgot to take a before! *If anyone is interested I can make the same window and ship it to you for $250 insured. I take pay pal. If you're interested leave a comment below.
 This is my new scrap space FINALLY!!! Last month I had a craft room clean up challenge and I just got my NEW scrap space finished!! I really did more of a scrap room make over though! It was ALLOT of work, which has led into totally redoing the whole house pretty much! I'm SO loving my new scrap room!! I have SOOOOO much more space then I did before by just moving things around. We looked for shelves we weren't using and put them where I used to scrap, took the doors off the closet and made it my work space and moved my computer in here too, which created a storage space for ALL my scrapbooks where my computer desk used to be! If you want to see my scrap room before (you won't even recognize it)!! Click here to see my old scraproom
 This is a close peek at my workspace in the closet. I love it b/c I'm staring at things I love and dream about! I love the Eiffel Tower and dream of visiting it someday, I love to scrapbook and my fav. color is green (if you haven't guessed by now, w/all the green I have in my house). I makes me happy! :)
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