Friday, January 28, 2011

"True Love" heart acrylic scrapbook

 I made this acrylic album about 2 years ago. I just have never posted it & thought it's that time of year, why not?!! If you've never done an acrylic type album b/c you're scared to try it. I was the same way. As a matter a fact this is my 1st acrylic album & I loved how it ended up turning out! Who knew how fun it would be!! I had the album for a while, but kept being to unsure what it would turn out like & how to even start it. I kept putting it off. So I finally brought it w/me on vacation for something to do & that's where it all happened! As a matter a fact that's where my love for mini albums started! :) I have very few I keep. I give most of my mini albums away as gifts or sell them. So my best advice if you have always wanted to make one of these bad boys, but have been to scared to start is....JUST DO IT! It's SO fun! I also tried to make sure things lined up & looked good from both sides & all the way through the album before sticking it down. A little trickier then a non see through album, but so fun!
 My hubby proposing. Hard to believe we were only 19 yo here. almost 14 years later, we're still going strong! :)

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SJ @ said...

Thanks for linking up in our Swap Followings linky party :) I hope you'll join us again this Monday at 5 pm, PST so you can meet the other fabulous bloggers. Btw, I've been a follower already so it's nice that you joined use. Happy Friday :)

Jennifer @lifecraftsandwhatever said...

How do you not have more followers? Your blog is adorable! And I'm totally jealous of your stylish blogger award! I'm here from the follower swap, and am proud to say that I'm your newest follower! Your scrapbook is adorable! I hope you'll stop by my blog and become a follower. Excited to see what else you come up with!

Nicole said...

Hey I am now your newest follower. I found you through that linky party. Your blog is supercute and it looks like you have a headstart on Valentines day. I really hope you will check out my blog and perhaps become a follower.

Sarah said...

Adorable as always! I love it! It must have been a chalange to make sure everything looked good from page to page with it being see through.

Chrystie said...

Thanks ladies! :)

Jennifer, thanks for the sweet compliment! :)

Nicole, I just followed you back, thanks for following! :) I love your blog design, really cute! :)

Sarah, thanks! It was a challenge, that's what scared me from starting the album, so glad I did though! :)

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

This project is totally cute. You should relink it back up to "Tackle that Unfinished Photo Project" @ The Beat the Winter Blues Party...

It totally works!

Thanks for linking to Creative Juice last week.


Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

So glad you linked this up to the photo day at Beat the Winter Blues!


passionfruitprincess said...

Sooo cute! I love it!
I am a new follower from the Homemaker on a Dime party.
Ana Paula

To Sew With Love said...

fab and lovely! thanks for linking up at our crafty saturday party! can't wait to see what you have for next week!

Chrystie said...

Thanks ladies!! xo Chrystie :)