Painting and Organizing Projects

 I got this freebie from my Mother-in-law. Her father actually made it, so it's nice to keep it in the family! These are the before pics of the sewing table he made for his wife.
 This is the desk after I painted it green, added bead board to the front of the door (easier then making a new door!) I changed out the old knob for a cute glass one and put pictures in the spot where the sewing machine would go. Now I just need to call a few glass places for a scrap the size of my desk!
 Here's a close up of the pictures in the hole in the desk, I cut cardboard to fit under them and put cute paper behind the pics to cover it up. I love how it adds something cute & unique to the desk. :)
                        Here's a closer pic of the cute glass knob I added to the door, I LOVE it! :)
 My Mother-in-law put this contact paper on the shelving when she had the desk, I actually thought it was really cute, so I left it and painted around it.
 This is our room before we got a really cute new quilt and sheets for Christmas that I asked for, but didn't realize wouldn't match our green wall. (excuse the swipe of the new color, tester spot by the window). I forgot to take a pic before the tester swipe, oops! But you get the idea. :)

 This is the new bedding and the new accent wall color! I didn't know if I'd like the new color, but I do!
 This wall color is more beigey brownish, but cute. Much lighter then the green I had before. The bedding is somewhere between a celery and a sage green. I love it!
 A pic of me and my hunny I added to the frame, instead of the one that came w/it I had in there, ha ha!
This is my new FREE scrap desk before picture...
 I got this awesome window from my good friends Mike and Sarah, thanks guys!! I SO love it!! Sarah's hubby's in construction and the lady who's house he was working on didn't want these old windows So I was the lucky recipient of 3 of these! 
This is the window I redid, oops forgot to take a before! *If anyone is interested I can make the same window and ship it to you for $250 insured. I take pay pal. If you're interested leave a comment below.
 This is my new scrap space FINALLY!!! Last month I had a craft room clean up challenge and I just got my NEW scrap space finished!! I really did more of a scrap room make over though! It was ALLOT of work, which has led into totally redoing the whole house pretty much! I'm SO loving my new scrap room!! I have SOOOOO much more space then I did before by just moving things around. We looked for shelves we weren't using and put them where I used to scrap, took the doors off the closet and made it my work space and moved my computer in here too, which created a storage space for ALL my scrapbooks where my computer desk used to be! If you want to see my scrap room before (you won't even recognize it)!! Click here to see my old scraproom
 This is a close peek at my workspace in the closet. I love it b/c I'm staring at things I love and dream about! I love the Eiffel Tower and dream of visiting it someday, I love to scrapbook and my fav. color is green (if you haven't guessed by now, w/all the green I have in my house). I makes me happy! :)
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you had me at.....beadboard! Love how you have the desk tucked in the little alcove. Great space!
Terry said…
I worked on my scrapbook room yesterday and it is a BIG project. From trying to figure out if I should keep something to determine if the placement was working. I had to take breaks through out the process in order to make sure I was thinking clearly. It does end up inspiring you to do the entire house. Great project! Will you email me and tell me more about your window/shelf thing - super cute!
What an awesome space to work in! I'd love it if you shared this on my linky party today!
Fuzzy Slippers said…
Beautiful job on everything! Happy crafting is sure to happen in 2011. :)
Theresa said…
Thanks for the blog-visit and the follow - I {heart} new friends!
I love the little corner you've carved out for looks like 'home'!
LambAround said…
WOW! I was impressed after seeing the before and after for your little sewing table, then this post kept going and getting better and better! You're very talented :)
LambAround said…
Quick question! I was looking through your pretty photos again - is that a Longaberger basket I spy?
Amanda said…
beautiful room!
Sarah said…
Wow! So many makeovers! I love the sewing table transformation and the color you painted it. I am glad you left the retro contact paper stuff on the shelf, totally cute. Do you sand or prepare furniture in any way before painting it?
I so love the new color in your bedroom. So much softer and more relaxing and the new bedding really compliments it well.
That free table makes an awesome surface for scrapbooking and looks great in white!
And the show stopper. THE WINDOW! I love how you added the shelf! Sooooooooooooooo cute. I think you should post a tutorial on how you added the shelf, because I want to do that to one of my windows now! Oh, or did you just hang the shelf right under the window?? Do tell! I love everything, especially the window with the shelf and all of the pictures in it and your new place to display all of your Eiffel Tower things. Beautiful! I can't wait to come over and see it!!!
Chrystie said…
Thanks for all the nice comments! :)

Northern Cottage, your comment cracked me up! :) Thanks!

Terry, good for you working on your scraproom, sometime it just needs some TLC! :) And so does the rest of the house! I love changing things up, so fun! :) As for the window, I simply took the window as is, cleaned it up, added hooks & a molding shelf to the front of it. Then taped pics behind it. I screwed in eye hooks & added wire to hand the window. It was pretty simple really. Funny I only ended up doing something w/it out of lack of storage space, I had NO idea it would turn out so cute & end up being my fav decor in the whole house! :) It makes me smile when ever I look at it, I love it!

Thanks Theresa, I luv new followers too! :) Thanks for coming for a visit! :)

Lamb Around, Thanks for the sweet comment! :) I LOVE to paint it can be a wall, furniture, or a craft doesn't matter, LOVE it!! Yes, it is a Longaberger basket! Is it one you're looking for or you just like them? :) Thanks for becomeing a follower & checking me out! :)

Thanks Sarah! :) I really don't sand unless I really think I have to. I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to projects, I just want to get them done & enjoy them! :) Yes, I am now used to the colors in our room. At 1st I didn't know if I liked it, but now it's grown on me. The shelf belive it or not is a Pottery barn shelf, that I forgot I had stored under our stairs. It's amazing what you come up with in desperate situations! We had no wood that would work for a shelf & I was desperate to get the window on the wall & get the area set up and finished, so I WAS GOING TO make something WORK for a shelf. That's kind of how I roll. When I bumped into it I instantly knew it would be SO cute, but never would have thought of it otherwise! I'm SO SO glad we were out of wood! :) It was the perfect size too. So I just put 3 nails in the bottom front of the window & hung it up just like you would on the wall. I'm sure you could find molding or a molding shelf that would work too. I can't wait for you to come over & see it either! :) It is seriously now my favorite place in the house! I can't wait to actually work at it! :) It's my happy place! :)
What a wonderful and cozy space to get creative in! Love the sawhorse desk and window repurpose.
Erin said…
Everything looks so great!! I love that you left the contact paper in the desk. :)

I just redid my daughters desk and put pictures under the glass too...I posted it yesterday if you' like to take a look.
Krafty Kat said…
This is such a great space! Love all the great frames and that beadboard on the desk! You should swing by and link this up today!
Sarah said…
Wow, how perfect that the shelf just happened to be the exact right size!! And that all you had to do was hang it like normal :) I have had my eye out for a shelf like that for a while, but never thought of adding it to my my wheels are turning and I will be continuing the search for sure! I just re-arranged my dining area and I can see a window with a shelf like that and shutters on each side on the wall where the china hutch used to be. So many possibilities.....
Anji* said…
It all looks lovely! Green is one of my favourite colours too :)
LP said…
I'm so jealous of your awesome furniture finds (and gifts!)...I never seem to get lucky and 'inherit' pieces or find awesome ones thrifting. Love the contact paper you saved on the table too, it's so cute! (saw you at Krafty Kat)
Chrystie said…
Erin, thanks for the nice words! :) I did go check out your desk, very nice! For some reason I can only comment on blogs that have a pop up window. Wish I could have commented! If you check back, it looks great! :)

Krafty Kat, thanks for the invite! I did! :)

Sarah, that would be so cute to do something similar & add shutters!!!

Gotta love green, Anji! :)

LP, I haven't had good luck at thrift stores, better luck getting things on, craigs list or from people I know getting rid of "junk". Good luck!
You have put so many projects in to one post!!! I love your look - I'm in the process of planning a bedroom-to-craft-room-redo and you have really inspired me! So nicely done! Congrats!
How exciting! Everything is nice....however, i must say that my most favourite part of everything is the trees outside your bedroom window! hehe....and it looks like such a cozy room. :)
Oh yes, and i love the kiss me goodnight thingy above your bed, how cute! :D

Tnx for linking up! :)
What a great makeover! I would love to scrap there!

Thanks for linking up to SS!

Hannah @
AllieMakes! said…
How fun! What a great idea to put pictures in the desktop!
Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!
I especially love the window re-do!

thanks for linking up at our crafty saturday party! can't wait to see what you have for next week!
Baye said…
I was getting a bit of the blahs with my crafting blogs until I got here. You've done some cool stuff here. Thanks for sharing.
Hi! You were featured in our blog:

can't wait to see what you have for next week! ^^^)
Wow great makeovers! and I love your working space too...

Following you via Homemaker on a Dime Swap following party. :)
Thanks for joining! I hope that the Swap Followings party turns out as a positive experience for you :) I'm also a follower now. Please join again next week and spread the good word :)
Katie said…
oh my word. this room. i wish i could blink my eyes really fast and hard and poof my own house would appear with a scrapbooking room just like yours--this is awesome! :)
Amanda said…
Some amazing make overs, the sewing table is so cute!
Adrianne said…
This is just gorgeous! {envy envy} you are a very talented mama! I would love to see you link this post up at Freestyle Friday over at Happy Hour Projects!

Hope to see you there ~ Adrianne