Project Life Mini Scrapbooks

I'm doing my 1st craft fair. I was invited to share a table w/someone somewhat last minute, so I only have 21 albums to sell, but it's better then nothing! Plus there's no fee to sell, so anything I sell is profit, can't beat that!!! :) Here's just a few of the scrapbooks I'm going to be selling this weekend.
 This 1st one is my example album. I made this out of little 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 cards. This album fits wallet sized photos well or croped pictures. I used mostly wallets in mine & I rounded the corners.
 The transparency below is from a clear stamp, just punched holes in it & added it to my album.
 Most of my albums I just add various types of tabs to leave room for people's photos on the page.
 For this valentine's page I used the thumbnails that come printed on a sheet from Costco.
 On this page I sewed a picture on to a denium page I cut out of some old jeans, I added eyelets to reinforce the holes on the jean fabric.

 On this page I cut the picture in 1/2 & punched holes, then stuck it right to the pages.

                                        These are 2 similar albums I'm selling at the craft fair.
                              I took a few pics of some of my favoite pages in these two albums.
                  It's hard to see in this picture, but I love the denium page w/the heart sewn on.

                                         A few more random albums I'll be selling at the fair.
                                    The Hero album is made out of coasters covered w/paper.
    This album is made out of old gift cards & various same sized cards then covered with paper.
                      This coffee cup album is made out of only coffee sleves & the ribbon tabs.
 This album is made out of both coffee cups & sleves. The top cover is a slice I cut out of a Starbucks water cup & put it like an overlay on top. I used a hair dryer to heat it up & help it to straighten out.
                               This album is made out of tin can lids, then covered with paper.
 this album was made out of old CD's & DVD's. The ribbon was old string from some pants or something that I stamped with an alphabet stamp.
                                            An acrylic album. These are really fun to make!

                                             Lastly a cardboard album covered with paper.
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Shore Girl said…
I absolutely love mini albums, and yours are gorgeous! Makes me wish there were more hours in my day so I could do more of the things I enjoy doing!
Sarah said…
LOVE THEM!!! I am going to try to remember my faves, but there are so many! I love the zig zag stitch you used to attach your photo to the jeans. I wish I would have thought to do zig zag on the denim page in my mini album! I also LOVE the idea of cutting out the Starbucks label on a clear plastic cup and using it as an overlay on a coffee cup album! Clever! And of course I love the acrylic album. Beautiful! Your albums are gorgeous Chrystie, I hope you do great at the craft sale!
Chrystie said…
Thanks ladies! :) I only sold 3, bummer!! It was really slow though, so I know it wasn't just me. Although for how much work it is, not sure if I'll try it again or not??!! :) But hey, I'm that much closer to my new lense.
All very cute of course! I especially love the Live Laugh Love one, it's gorgeous! :)

I was just thinking, these little mini scrapbooks would be great for all these random photos that you have, where it would kind of feel like a waste of space to stick just 1 photo on a whole ordinary sized scrapbook page...haha. Well, i suppose i'm so used to usually packing on as many photos as i can that using only 1 feels like a waste of a whole scrapbook page now, ish. :) Well, now i hav a purpose to work towards with these mini scrapbooks! Don't you find it easier to make stuff when you have a very definite purpose for them in mind? I do.
Anyway, have a lovely Sunday further! :)
suzARTe said…
Another awesome album, I love all the recycled elements
Grace said…
Hi, these are really cute! Did you use fabric or paper for the cd album? And how did you punch the holes?