Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fabric Party Banners

 I didn't take pictures of the making of these fun party banners, but they are very simple to make!
 My daughter and I made a triangle pattern out of cardboard. Then laid out the rick rack ribbon the length I wanted to string the triangles, then counted triangles with the pattern how many triangles I needed to cut to fit the length of each banner.
 Once I got all my triangles cut out I simply placed the rick rack on top of a triangle then sewed it together. I didn't pin it, it was pretty easy to keep it lined up and just add a triangle after each one. You will want to leave about 5-6 inches of rick rack at each end. I simply folded the rick rack in 1/2 at each end and made a loop, then stitched it next to the end triangle to make the loop for hanging it.

 I mixed it up and used a variety of fabrics, sweater, doilies, denim pockets, tool. Mix it up!

 If you want to see the tutorial on these fun dip dyed tissue pom poms, click here for the post.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dip Dyed Tissue, Party Pom Poms

My oldest daughter and I were making these Tissue Paper Pom Poms for my youngest daughters birthday. I got the idea to dip the ends of the paper in food coloring. It turned out pretty well.

 Here's the link to the Pom Pom making directions we used. martha stewart pom-poms
I watered down the food coloring just a bit, it just depends on how strong you want the color.
 On my 2nd one I experimented with using a Q-tip dipped in full strength food coloring in a different color while the lighter color was still wet and let it bleed a bit. It turned out pretty cool!
 I tried separating the sheets of tissue paper both when it was still a bit wet and when it was almost dry. When it's wet is a bit tricky because it wants to stick together I ripped a couple petals doing it wet. I had better luck when it was almost dry, but it did stick a bit, so still had to be really careful.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Burlap Wedding Banners

I've been busy making burlap banners for a wedding I'm helping with. I've never made fabric banners before, but it was fun, can't wait to see how they look at the wedding next week! This is not all the banners, I think I made 11 total. 

 I had help cutting most of the triangles out. We folded the top over and sewed it and I strung jute string through to hand them. We also put some clear fabric glue along the edges to help prevent fraying. I tried spray painting on the stencils, but found the burlap just soaked it up and didn't show. So I ended up using a flat foam brush to dob the acrylic paint on each letter with a stencil. I attached the embellishments with hot glue and fabric glue.

 This sign will be held on a dowel and carried down the isle before the bride walks in, such a cute idea!