Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fabric Party Banners

 I didn't take pictures of the making of these fun party banners, but they are very simple to make!
 My daughter and I made a triangle pattern out of cardboard. Then laid out the rick rack ribbon the length I wanted to string the triangles, then counted triangles with the pattern how many triangles I needed to cut to fit the length of each banner.
 Once I got all my triangles cut out I simply placed the rick rack on top of a triangle then sewed it together. I didn't pin it, it was pretty easy to keep it lined up and just add a triangle after each one. You will want to leave about 5-6 inches of rick rack at each end. I simply folded the rick rack in 1/2 at each end and made a loop, then stitched it next to the end triangle to make the loop for hanging it.

 I mixed it up and used a variety of fabrics, sweater, doilies, denim pockets, tool. Mix it up!

 If you want to see the tutorial on these fun dip dyed tissue pom poms, click here for the post.


Sarah said...

These banners are SO cute!!! You have been so busy with banners! Makes me want to make some for my boy's birthdays this fall. I love them!

Chrystie said...

Thanks Sarah! You totally should make some, they are really fun and easy to make! Plus you can use them in their room for decor too! :)