Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Washi Tape Organization

 I have been going through my craft room top to bottom and purging, organizing and improving my scrap room. This is just a peek. I'm really excited about this drawer, I know that sounds silly, but I even showed it to my family the other night and called it my "Proud Drawer", b/c I feel really proud of it, ha ha. Cheesy I know! I'm just really excited about how functional it is! My goal in my scrap room is to make it easy to use the things I love. This drawer is a great example of that. I have my Washi tape in glass jars that I can easily grab or bring with me. I can also pull this drawer out and put it by my work area when I'm scrapping. I plan to keep my most used embellishments in here and have them easy to grab and take with me and easy to put back. Love it!!
I will post more when I finish my scrap room! I'm excited about it!! I've been wanting to get my scrap room in good working order with out clutter for a LONG time!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Recap

 I made a new Valentine's Day banner this year. I just cut it out on my Cricut and added Washi!

 A close up. I sewed the little hearts in the middle of the "O"s, which was simple, but added a little something to spice it up and add interest.

  I still had the stings of hearts I sewed last year, I hung them from the ceiling.

The cards I made for my girls. I used the big 4x6 size cards from a Project Life kit and folded it in 1/2. The one on the left I put some washi tape on a transparency then cut out a heart shape and sewed it on. The card on the left I cut out a heart from transparency and filled it with little punches and sequins, ect before sewing  it in place.

          These are the cards I made for the 3 men in my life. The middle one was for my hubby.

These Pumpkin pancakes were the Valentine's Day breakfast of champions! :) Tutorial here . 

Lunch was some yummy Olive Garden soup I pulled out of the freezer. It was kind of orangy, so I added a can of tomato paste to make it more red. It worked nicely and the kids still thought it was awesome soup! They had no idea I snuck in more veggies, ha ha! 

This yummy looking pizza with heart shaped pepperonis was dinner. They made their own how they wanted.
Heart Piggies.

Yummy sugar cookie making. With both Vanilla butter cream and Almond butter cream frosting.

                          The after math! It's a sign fun has been had, and it was well worth it!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pretty Valentine Pancakes

These pancakes just kind of happened. I was making 3 batches of pumpkin pancakes because my kiddos have been begging me and 1/2 way through I thought I'd experiment for Valentines Day.  So, I stuck them in the freezer and they're all ready to go. I just stick them in the fridge the night before, then put them in the rice cooker on warm an hour before breakfast and it's less to do before rushing them off to school. :) It's pretty simple, but I took pics of the steps as I went. Use whatever pancake recipe you like and go for it!
Step 1. Separate some of the batter and add food coloring of choice to the batter bowl with less batter.                                                                
Step 2.  Use a measuring cup or something with a  pour spout and make a V shape, until it's full and looks like a heart.

Step 3. Cook on a griddle at about 325 degrees, don't flip the heart. Wait till it is bubbly and not runny on top, then pour the regular batter directly over the heart and form a circle.

Step 4. When the edges are bubbly flip and surprise the cute heart is in the middle! 

 Now your pretty pancakes are ready to eat! Enjoy!

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Welcome Home gift book


I made this Welcome Home album for a new neighbor that moved in down the street. I made it out of 8 1/2 x 11 Kraft card stock that had been used for name tags. I like to reuse things whenever possible! Then I simply pasted pretty papers to all the pages, bound it and added a front cover title. Very simple! The most time consuming part was cutting all they paper, other then that went pretty quick.