Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas crafting

My friend Kristy asked me to make some items for her adorable craft store in her barn that she opens up for the month of Dec.each year. I found inspiration various places online and in magazines. Here's what I've been busy making so far...
                                                                       Shutters before
 After, they are for holding and displaying your holiday cards and or photos at Christmas or all year long!
                                                 This is a before, it's still a work in progress.
                                 This was my inspiration for my after from Wood and Wool Stool
                                                           This is my before in progress.
                                       This is my after inspiration from So you think your crafty
 These are my trees inspired by Six Sisters blog they used dowels and I used tree branches because we live in a forest. 

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CKC Seattle

5 years ago my friend Sarah and I discovered CKC ( Creating Keepsakes Convention) and it was near us!!! It was scrapbook heaven! Amazing classes with fun giveaways and freebies, make and takes and all the scrapbook stores you could cram into a convention center with awesome deals!! Hello!! What's not to love! Every year we have enjoyed it and looked forward to it all year! I drive to her house b/c she's much closer and I stay with her and we stay up WAY too late! I think our record is 7 am, yeah when you see the sky getting lighter and hear birds chirping...doesn't make for a good night sleep! But none the less it's a blast!! I highly recomend it if you have one near you! :) amazingly I took the least amount of photos I've ever taken and only brought my phone to take pics !  I will share a few of the few that I did take. 
                                       Scrapbooking away at Sarah's house, always lots of fun!!
 At our Smashbook class. By the way this year we took both of our classes together and decided it's much funner that way!
                Here's some ideas I took pics of in the class of how to use the smashbooks! Love these!!

This is the exact book we got in one of our classes. I'm in love with Smash books now! If you're interested in buying one here's a link. Here's a video for more info on these awesome books and ideas on how to use them! Have fun!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have some crafts I've been working on, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to get pictures from my smart phone to my blog. check back soon, and in the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Goal 121

Goal 121 Is a blog I'm starting to journal the ups and downs and also do photo updates of my journey to loose 121 lbs! It's a big goal, but it's past time and I'm diving in with both feet! You are welcome to follow my journey check in from time to time or join me with whatever your weight loss or health goal is! I hope to inspire someone to get out of that all to familiar rut I've been stuck in off and on through out my life! I'm ready for a permanent change, so here I go!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Shadowbox Picture

This is a 3D picture I made over a year ago and have been meaning to frame it. I loved this shadowbox style frame, it even came w/the shells, perfect! The only bad part was the mat was yellow, which totally didn't match my photo! I decided to paint it to match. I simply got out my 8 year old's cheep watercolors and painted blue over the yellow. I liked it, but I felt like it still needed something. So I used some brown acrylic paint and went around the edges you don't even see it in the frame and did some random brush strokes w/a foam brush on the blue. I'm really happy with how it turned out and that it matches now!!

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Mini Scrapbook for my daughter

I made this mini book for my daughter a while back & finally collected enough pictures of us to put it together! I realized how few pictures I am in with my kids!! Not good! Get on the other side of that camera more often mama's! Thank goodness for smart phones now so you can turn the screen around and be in the pic w/your loved ones!! Brilliant! :)

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