This is my 1st post on my blog, dugh! :) I truely know nothing about what I'm doing here, so any tips are well accepted! I'll put up some pics as soon as I figure out how!


Mike and Sarah said…
Weird, I left you a comment last night, but it didn't show up. Welcome to blogland! It takes a while to figure out the dashboard and post pictures on the side if that is what you were asking about. I would have to go fiddle with mine to remember how. Posting pictures IN your blog is really easy though. You just click on the picture icon in the upper left hand corner of the box that you type your blog in and it lets you add as many pictures as you want, up to 5 at a time. I will go see if I can figure out how to go do the pictures on the sidebar when it is not midnight! Have a good weekend and I look forward to reading more of your blogs
Chrystie said…
Thanks for all your help Sarah, you got me off to a good start!! :)
Well, i just had to follow you now, you have some really pretty and cute things going on here. :D
I love your recycled goodies!! I'm (almost) all about how to recycle throw away items into cute gifts and decorations and things. :)
Chrystie said…
Thank you! :) Hey, maybe you can help me. I just figured out how to do a linky (which is why the linky party)! I'm trying to figure out how to make a button for people to grab. Any tips or advice on how/where to do that?? I've been looking on google trying to find out how. I noticed you have 3 dif. kinds. I'd love to know how or if you have a link to where to do it, that would be great! In the mean time, I'll keep researching! Thanks!
Sure! I have the instructions all copied and saved (don't remember how to do it out of my head yet, hehe). Here are the links - the first one is for how to create your badge and add it to you blog (i used photobucket), and the second link is for how to make that code that people can grab to take your badge:


Also, there's something about the instructions that confused me, and i had to alter the codes a little to get it to work properly (especially from the second link above) - if you'd like some help or get stuck, email me @ and i'll explain it to you! :)
Chrystie said…
WOW!! Thanks so so SO MUCH!! I will look this over in the next couple of days & get it figured out! :) I really appreciate your help! I'm so NOT a techy! I'm really going out of my expertise trying to figure all this blog stuff out! :) Any help is GOOD help! :) Thanks again!
You're welcome! And join the club, i had to ask around as well, and sit back and try to figure out this stuff too! Hehe... :)