Thursday, November 11, 2010

Love album

This album was made out of paper lunch bags. I cut the very ends off of the closed ends of the bags. I typically use 4 bags, but you can use less or more. Then I cut paper to fit inside each opening for extra pull out pages, which can be used for journaling or pictures. Then I cover each paper bag page w/paper of choice. Then you can embellish as much or as little as desired. I tend to just put "pulls" of some sort on each paper that can pull out of the bag ends; put a title and something fun on the front. If I make the album for someone with the pictures I'm able to embellish more b/c I know what pics are going on the page and can embellish around them. Then I hold it all together w/small binder rings. Someone would add pics to this type of album by simply using double stick tape. I also reused an old book I found in the free section of the library for paper on some of the pages.

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Krafty Kat


Krafty Kat said...

I have some paper bags I've been wondering what to do with! Looks great! Thanks for sharing at the Holiday Hookup!

Chrystie said...

ha ha! Glad I could help you out w/an idea to put those to use. :)

Naturally Me Creations said...

Another great recycling idea by you! :) This is lovely, i love it!
Tnx so much linking up at my party! :D