Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day fun...

 I decorated so the kids would wake up to a Valentine's party for breakfast complete with....
 Heart shaped pink pancakes, scrambled eggs w/bacon and red juice. Unfortunatley 1 kid & 1 hubby are sick in bed! Big BOO!
 The kids eating lunch at school (1 is a friend of my son's). Eating all their goodies they've collected from their homeschool classes! Poor sick boy at home, missing out! :(
 At school they had something fun for the parents todo while kiddos were in class. My oldest got to help b/c she doesn't have classes after lunch. "Cake pops" So fun, so yummy!
 My girls being sweet for me. The boys were in their pj's (did I mention we live in our pj's when we're home)!
     My little one couldn't wait to try one of these yummy cake pops! The girl loves her sweets!
 I put the dozen (minus the one my youngest ate) on the table as a center piece, it looked grate!
           Here's the heart shaped chocolate cake with pink peppermint frosting I made for desert.
 The only place a got a pic of my sick boy was making pizza. Thankfully he was feeling much better when we got home from school, which is more then I can say for his REALLY sick daddy! Boo!
                                            The baked mini heat shaped pizza's. So yummy!
 These are the Valentine cards I made for my fam. Unfortunatly my hubs didn't get his till the next day! He was totally knocked out for 36 hours straight w/the chills and a really high temp! Poor guy! Not quite how I pictured spending Valentine's Day, pretty sure it's not what he pictured either. :(
                                Hope everyone was well and had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!


To Sew With Love said...

what a nice way to spend valentines day!

Shore Girl said...

Looks like a fun (and delicious) Valentines day! Heart shaped pizza must have been the "thing" for this year --- I've seen it other places on the web and it's what we had as well!
Love those "cake pops!"

Chrystie said...

Yes, it was a fun way to celebrate! Yes, the pizza must have been a hit all around this year & the cake pops were work, but fun & yummy!

Sarah said...

You made such a fun and special Valentines day for your kids! I love how cute the heart shaped pizzas are and the peppermint cake sounds divine!