Birthday scrapbooks for a tween & a teen.

 I made them almost identical (like my twins, ha ha). :) There's some slight differences if you look for them. I just made them alike to make it quicker really. They had a big double party, so these books are for them to keep their pictures from this fun event & enjoy the memories! :)
I circled the Month & day of the event one's on a transparency & one I stamped on paper. I use almost everything from tags to wrappers, ect.. The transparency is what the stamp was stuck to when I bought it. You know how they are printed in black so you can see what the clear stamp looks like when you stamp it. I cut those out & use them all the time. Why not?!
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Just came from Blue Cricket and loved this!
Chrystie said…
Thank you very much! :) I just went to your blog & became a follower! Great job on your craft room! :)
Liz said…
Great idea! Thanks. It's so hard to make things for girls this age sometimes.