Yarn letters

 The D & W were my 1st attempts at this yarn wrap project. It went pretty well. Much more time consuming then I had guessed! The W took me 2+ hours!! Although it was my 1st one! The D was tricky b/c I had to keep cutting the yarn to fit it through the hole, then tie it together. The W was difficult b/c of all the curves.
 The S wasn't too bad, but still took me an hour +. I think the A was the most simple to do & still took me an hour. There's a few tricky spots, when you go around a curve or on edges. I was using glue dots under the yarn in hard to stay spots. It worked pretty well. I considered getting out the glue gun, but never did try that, which might hold better. If you have any other ideas to hold it in certain spots, I'd LOVE to know! I've decided this is a time consuming, but fun craft, that makes a great gift. I made these for Christmas gifts for family & friends.
Next, I'm going to make some for myself of our initials. Can't wait to see how it turns out! :) I will say the more flat & more basic you can find the letters, the easier it is to wrap!  I got this idea Here I think hers turned out much nicer, but this was my 1st go at it! :) And hey, I had fun! :) It's nice for something to do while watching a movie or waiting for something to download! :)

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These are lovely! would have to try to make some for my kid's rooms!

would love for you to link up at our saturday linky party.

OMG LOVE it! I'm making an alphabet wall and decorating every letter different...this is perfect...thanks!

Stop by see my Painted Old World Map:-)

Ill link back when I write my Alphabet wall post...good day!
Jennifer Dixon said…
I found you through the Blue Cricket Designs party. Super cute letters! I have a wall in my oldest daughters room that we are doing with a bunch of "A"s. Thanks for giving me another idea, I was running out!
Shannon said…
So cool! They remind me of the wreaths that are really popular now.
Chrystie said…
Thanks for your kind comments ladies!

To Sew With Love: They are kind of fun to make, but I will say time consuming! :) Have fun!

Michell, perfect for the alphabet wall idea! I would SO love to see your wall when you finish! I would love to see what else your doing to the letters!! Please do link back! Loved your Old World Map by the way! Beautiful & original idea, love the propeller, nice touch!

Jennifer, Awesome, glad you could be inspired! That's what blogging is all about, right! :) I'd LOVE to see her wall, sounds cool!

Shannon, thanks for your comment. Yes, I too have noticed allow w/yarn & sweaters are in! :)

I became followers to all of you, thanks for visiting! :)
How interesting, i think they turned out nice! :)

Another idea would be to wrap a picture frame this way too! That would be something different to the usual frames. :D

Tnx for linking to my party! :)
Katie said…
Thank you so much for linking up your Yarn Letters on Sew Woodsy! We featured your project today!

thanks a lot for linking up! can't wait what you have for next week! ^^)
OOH!! What a fun idea! It does look like it was A LOT of work getting those letters all covered! Thanks so much for linking up at Fancy This Fridays @ Truly Lovely!! Hope to see you this week!