Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Project Life

     When I do Project Life I like to just get my pictures in the pages, then later go back and embellish.
    This big space became a fun opportunity to use one of those giant chip bord stickers I never use by      just simply cutting it to fit in the pockets. I love the quickness of Project Life!
              I love that you can make it plain and simple or dress it up and it looks great either way!
              I love using washi tape or ribbon to add just a little splash of something extra to a page!
     If I have extra space in a pocket I just use pretty paper to fill the space or use the space to journal.
    I love the simplicity and speed of Project Life! It helps me have time for scrapbooking and actually     get those pictures into albums!! I love documenting my kids life's and they love looking at the             albums and reminiscing about fun times and good memories!


Sarah said...

Thay is why I love pocket pages too. I don't do "project life" in that I don't like the week by week style at all, but I do like the quickness of the pocket pages. I do add in a lot of regular scrapbook pages too and I create my pocket pages like a layout in that I do all of the pictures, paper and embellishing at once to complete the whole page. That is the beauty of it. You can do it whatever way works best for you! You have some fun pocket page configurations I haven't used before. What brand are your pocket sleeves?

Sarah said...

Oh, and isn't it nice to get some pages done now that your room is organized? I have been getting TONS done!

Chrystie said...

Sarah, I've bought 3 different brands Becky Higgens, We R Memmory Keepers and a cheep O brand. The 1st 2 work great and have good clarity. I won't buy cheep O ones again because they are less clarity and who knows if they are acid free?

Yes, it has been nice getting some scrapbooking done, although I havn't worked much at my clean desk yet! I've mostly been scrapping at school while the kids are in classes. That's another reason I LOVE scraping this way, b/c I can throw everything in 1 bag and bring it with me!