Vinyl Lettering

One is for a wedding shower gift one is for my own house. I was afraid to do it for the longest time, but I'm glad I did b/c I love how they turned out!


Mike and Sarah said…
Oh Chrystie, I LOVE these!!!! Good job with the vinyl letters. I didn't get mine cut out last night, but will today!
Did you get those plaques at Treasury's closing sale? They are SO pretty! You really have a knack for giving amazing shower gifts! I am sure whoever she is will love it! You need to post a picture of yours in it's new home when you decide where to hang it!
Chrystie said…
Sadly, I still haven't hung it! :( I haven't even looked for where to hang it, guess I should do that thanks for the reminder! :) Did you get yours cut before you left??