Decorative Family Job Chart

This is a chore chart I made for the kids. Not only is it WAY cute, it's very functional! They rotate chores each week and they get them done daily!

To make this you need a painted board, the same # of hooks as children you have. 4x4" or 5x5" canvas for each child's photo. Ribbon to glue or staple on the back of the canvas to hold on the hooks. Vinyl words for title and job titles.


Mike and Sarah said…
I LOVE this. Did you pant the board and cut the vinyl letters on your cricut and add the hooks and everything? Are the photos on tiny canvases? I really like the hooks, they are beautiful! I want to find some like that for a couple of projects I have.
This is the most beautiful chore chart I have ever seen!!
Chrystie said…
I bought the board hooks, canvas & cut vinyl from Treasury. I painted the board the color I wanted, & rubbed on the letters, screwed on the hooks & and painted & sanded the canvas w/my pics on it. Then added ribbon by stapling it to the back of the canvas. I Love it too! Not my original idea, but I put it all together in my own way. :)
Very nice indeed! That is such a cute idea. :)
Chrystie said…
Thank you! I can't say I came up with the idea, but I did paint & assemble the whole thing, including adding the hooks! :) It was a fun & exciting project! I LOVE to paint!