Old Barn Window

I love old bard windows!! It came white, but needed more of a "pop" to show up on my white wall. I painted it green then distressed it so the white shows through. Then taped some pictures of my kids behind the glass. I added some cute old looking hooks at the bottom.


Mike and Sarah said…
I still love this window!! Did you change the pictures in it or are those the same ones that have been there since the beginning? I am going to try to get my new one up today with Jeremiah pictures behind it. It has been just sitting in my living room since I finished it last week.
shawn said…
This is one of my favorite things in your house. You have such talent!

Chrystie said…
Thanks guys! :) Sarah, it still has the same pics in it. There's a few I didn't like how dark they turned out that I may redo. Sarah, did you get the one done w/Jeremiah's pics??
Chrystie said…
Thanks! I had a blast making it! I was so excited to hang it on my wall! :)
So cute! I love those old windows!
Briana @ babblingsandmore.blogspot.com