Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Totally redoing the way I scrap!

Now that I have finally gotten a scrap room like I always wanted. I have totally changed the way I scrap. I have switched over to Project Life. I love it because I take a begillian pictures and  I can scrap so much quicker this way! If you haven't yet tried Project Life you can check out more here. This is my scraproom getting combed over piece by piece. I am dramatically reducing my scrap stash. My hope is by having less I will scrap more. I think having too much is overwhelming and I find I do nothing at home. I only scrap when I go away on a retreat and take some of my stash with me. I think there's something to the saying less is more! I will be selling my extras CM albums and pages, my Cricut and lots, lots more... I will put up posts starting hopefully this week of the items I'm selling. 
I'm in love with these MAMBI and Heidi Swapp clear stickers! They are awesome for putting on pictures or using for tittles!! The MAMBI sticker packs are really hard to find!! I found them after much searching here.

I just got my RASKOG kitchen cart from IKEA. My son helped me put it together tonight and I can't wait to organize my Project Life supplies on it and have them handy! I will check back soon with scrappy things for sale, stay tuned!

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