Our Valentine's Day In Pictures

  I made the kiddos a healthy breakfast. Strawberry banana protein shake with honey nut bars.
                                                 The family got love notes with breakfast.
 My tea this morning said "Sing from the heart"
  In process of making a lunch packed with love.
  Grilled cheese with pepperoni (except the 1 request for a not grilled sandwich).
   The sandwiches were served with minestrone soup and red grapes.
  They also had fizzy red drink with their pink and red striped straws.
 A small sweet Valentine gift of Sweethearts and Tic Tacs.
  Hubby brought home these pink strawberry pretzels and I dipped the white ones in almond bark.
   I forgot to take a picture of dinner b/c hubby and kiddos were in a hurry to get out the door.
Here's a pic of the left over spaghetti. We also had broccoli and home made bread.
 While the family was gone my youngest and I read some books. In the back of a book there was a  recipe for healthy cookies, so we tried it. They were yummo!
 Then we played several games of memory. She beat me pretty bad, every time!!
      Lastly, my oldest daughter bought me this shirt for Valentine's Day. It really made my day!

      Hope you had a fun and memorable Valentine's Day with someone you love!