Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Few PL Layouts

 I like to add a little something to these simple layouts like the tabs at the top of this page. I tend to take a ton of pictures and do more pictures then tittle and journal boxes. I love how everyone can have their own style and keep it simple or embellish allot. Project life has become my go to scrapbooking style. I don't use it in a weekly format, I put more pictures and  use 2 books for each year to record our families memories each year.

I like to have tabs sticking up on some of my albums to add interest to the album itself as well as the pages. I don't do it on every page, just here and there to spice it up and add a little color. 


Megan said...

I don't scrapbook by the week when I do PL either. Ive never really liked it that way. I take a lot of pictures so I would feel like I'd be leaving too much out scrapbooking that way. I love how you can do your own thing with PL too! I like how you use the tabs!! I want to start using them more. I love them on the album you made for me! :)

Chrystie said...

Thanks Megan! Glad you like the tab idea! :) I've never been able to do less then 2 albums in a year, but I do love the scrap style of PL! :)