Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Yonanas Sorbet maker has changed our life!

 I just realized I spelled dessert wrong, I'm always getting that one mixed up! Funny thing is I asked one of my 12 year olds how to spell it to make sure, oops! Good news is I think I'll remember now!
The Yonanas is pretty much the most awesome invention in culinary history! This year I've lost 92 lbs. so far and sweets are not something we have around anymore. This great invention has brought dessert back into our lives and we LOVE our healthy frozen dessert! You are supposed to put in frozen bananas, hence the name yonanas, but we never have. It's to add sweetness and texture. We just set our our fruit in bowls before dinner and it's ready to go when we're done, or we set the timer for 15 minutes so it's the right softness to push through the machine. It is amazing who knew just fruit could taste like a yummy desert and make you feel like your having ice cream! You can have it every night and not gain a lb, it's awesome!! It's good all by itself, although I do like to add some orange flavored liquid stevia for sweetner as I run it through and sometimes I add a little lemon or lime juice too! It's really fun because we get out the bags or frozen fruit and everyone picks what they want in their bowl! Great for parties too! As a matter of fact several times this year when I had ice cream sundae parties I also put this option out and then I was able to be included in the fun! Everyone who's tried it has been impressed at how easy and how good it is! Here's the official website Yonanas or the Amazon website


Sarah said...

I a really intrigued by this. I have heard a lot of people rave about it. I think I am putting it on my Christmas list :) I love ice cream and sorbet and this is a great healthy solution!

Chrystie said...

Then you would LOVE this awesome little machine!! It's one kitchen item, that's worth the space! We absolutely LOVE ours!! One of the boys said "It's weird, we like never really ate dessert, but now we have it like every night". The nice thing is it's just fruit! You totally feel like your having dessert!!