Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project Life Pages

 I was experimenting with different light at my house today and took some pictures of some of my Project Life spreads. They were all taken in natural light and unedited. I plan to make a light box for better lighting and better photos.
 I take a ton of pictures, so I tend to scrap in a hurry. Project Life is so perfect for me because it takes way less time and thinking! I can still be creative and I can still do full spread LO's if I want to. It's so versatile, I love it!!
 I love that the small pockets work perfectly for memorabilia or Instax mini pictures! I love that you can embellish allot or not at all and it still looks great!
 Since I love photography as much as scrapbooking, I love that you really see the pictures by scrapbooking this way. But if I feel like doing a more artsy page, I can and just slide it in a 12x12 sleeve and add it to the album, it's great!
 Project Life has changed the way I scrap, I'm getting a ton more pictures in albums this way!
 The way I do Project Life is to get all the pictures and journal cards in the sleeves. Then I go back and embelish and journal.
Another thing I love about Project Life is that it's very portable! I bring it with me to our homeschool group and work on it while my kids are in their classes. I just pack a bag with my album, journal cards, a pen, and some jars of embellishments. I leave it packed so I can just grab it and bring it along with me each week! It's awesome, I've gotten 2 albums done in 1 year that way!! Before I wasn't getting much of anything done because I had to bring a ton of paper, adhesives, a cutter, ect... I can't say enough about it, if you haven't tried it check it out here: Becky's Project Life Blog and here: Project Life on Amazon

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