Friday, October 11, 2013

My Organized Scraproom

After 2 years of procrastination and slowly picking at it. I finally finished going through ALL my scrap stuff and purging and organizing it!! Now, I can't wait to put it to use!! Come take a tour!
My closest turned scrap nook, with all my pictures of the Eiffle Tower in my window frame.
The other end of my scrap room where I have all my many jars and more.
This is all Ikea shelving that we just weren't putting to good use, so we moved it into my scraproom.
I have been scrapooking for 18 years, so I've collected quite a bit of supplies over the years!
I enjoy putting fun things to look at on my shelf in front of my work space!
Organization close ups.
I store my ribbons, flowers, buttons and other small embellies in jars by color.
I filled a basket on my shelf with extra jars that I couldn't' fit on my hanging shelves.
I used a plastic storage basket with hols for my ribbons.        
I have an Ikea wall mount spice rack that I use to store my paints, glitters and sprays.
  My washi tape I store in jars in a drawer.              
Another drawer is all my new unopened packages. I'm trying to use what I have, so if I want to "go shopping" I can look through all the fun new goodies in my drawer!
My vinyl sayings. "scrapily ever after"
This one is SO true of me! "If it's not in the scrapbook it didn't happen".


Megan said...

Wow!! It looks Awesome!! I LOVE the Ikea shelves!! Great job! glad you were able to get it done.

Chrystie said...

Thanks Megan! It feels so good to finally have it done! Now to use it!! :)

Sarah said...

It looks great. I felt the same way when I did mine at the beginning of this year and I have gotten SO much done since I organized and I feel like I can sit down and scrapbook instead of being overwhelmed because I need to organize my supplies. I have been trying to use up my stash too. I have gotten rid of stuff that I don't like anymore and am slowly adding new embellishments. Mike has been working late a lot lately, so I have been getting in tons of scrap time in in the evenings after I put the kiddos to bed.

Chrystie said...

Sarah, that's so awesome you've been getting lots of scrap time in before baby # 3 comes!! I got a ton of scrapping done when Matt used to work the night shift when I had just 1 kiddo, it was awesome!