Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crafty Visual Aides For Goals

I am a visual person and I love being creative, so I combined the two so I can have fun seeing my progress! I'm doing 2 different visuals. The top pictures are of a 12x12 sheet of graph style scrapbook paper and my goal picture of what size I want to be. I cropped my 12x12 pictures to 11x11 because that makes 121 squares  For each lb. I loose, I cut 1 square to stick on the graph (like a puzzle). When I get to my weight loss goal, my picture will be complete! You don't have to use a picture,  you could write out the 121 and cut it up, or a pic of whatever your goal is and put a piece each day you succeed!

My 2nd visual aide is I started with 1/2-1 inch wide scraps 12 inches in length, then I cut more. I started adding 1 link for each pound lost. 22 links fits across my closet doorway, so I can see it will be going 1/2 way around my scrap room by the time I finish! But that's ok, it's a good visual and really makes me feel like I've come a long way!

 Today I was down -22 lbs so far this month!! I'm very excited to get to my end goal of -121 lbs! I was excited for the 1st time in many years, I put on my newly washed sweatshirt and didn't have to stretch it out to fit! If you want to read more about my weightloss journey you can follow my story here.

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