Monday, January 14, 2013

Paper Bag Album For The Winner Of My FB Scrapbook Page

I recently started a Scrapbook "like" page on FB. If your a crafter or scraper come "like" I Love Scrapbooking My Life and join in the interactive fun! I just had a contest and the winner chose the type of album she wanted and what colors and theme. This is for her summer trip to Colorado with her family. 
The velvet ribbon slides on to keep this thick album closed.

 I made this album using 6 paper lunch bags. I just stapled it 3 times in the middle to hold it together.
 Then I covered the outside with paper so you don't see the staples.
 This is one of the inside pages. I covered each inside spread with the same paper on each side.
 I cut the closed ends off so they are open and made a page that slides in each bag opening so you can fit tons of pictures and journaling in this little album. Great for a trip or a holiday or event!
 I liked the green ribbon tab on top. It goes over the page and looks the same on the next page.
 One of the cute pull out pages with washi tape, corners and a tab. LOVE washi tape!
 Another view of the book and a few pull out pages. 

 It was fun to make and by the end of it, I wanted to keep it! Of coarse my fave. color is green! :)
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Sarah said...

Cute book, it turned out so cute! I love the colors, the velvet tab on top and especially the printed washi tape!!