Vintage Chalkboard Tutorial

I purchased this cupboard used, as well as the hardware. The paint was a sample size that I didn't end up using in my daughter's room.
 I forgot the before picture, so it has a little paint on it. So you just paint the cupboard w/2 coats.

 Cover the area well you don't want chalk paint on. I used the spay kind and did 2 coats.
 Next I sanded it a bit to give it an aged look. The finished product. Hanging on my wall.

 Now to decide what hardware to use. I really like the hooks, but I'm also liking the knobs!!
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Sarah said…
I love it and I am liking the knobs. If you are going to use the hooks you should paint them all the same color and distress them like the vintagey chippy painted one. That is what I would do anyway.