Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girly girl room - how to

We just built this room for our littlest one. She is a VERY girly girl, soooo...What else could I do, but to decorate it very pink! Here's what I did step by step.

Here's my daughter's room before I painted and fixed it up.
 First I drew a rough outline of what I wanted the tree to look like, then I painted it in. I am very visual, so I found the picture I wanted in a Pottery Barn kids catalog and that's what I copied.  
 Next, I started painting leaves on w/a good firm, small, flat brush. Close up of the leaves.
 The whole tree with leaves painted on it. I just mixed paint for the tree and the leaves to get the colors I wanted. The tree was wall paint (recomended). The leaves were acrylic (not recomended). The acrylic worked fine, but I had do 2 or more coats on each leaf to make it look good and the paint doesn't look as nice as the wall paint. I just went with what I had on hand.
 I made several fabric flowers, you can find lots of tutorials on flowers online. Then I stuck them on Glubers (giant glue dots for fabric an paper flowers). I used those to stick the flowers to the wall.
 Some close ups of the fabric flowers on the tree. I also added my daughter's name on the tree w/ribbon. To do this. I just hot glued and thumbtacked the back of each letter b/c they didn't have a hanger. Then Thumbtacked the other end of the ribbon to the tree and hot glued the bow on top of the thumbtack. Any letters that were not hanging properly on their own I just put a tiny picture nail under it or next to it to make it hang straight.

 Next, she already had this cute kitchen, but needed more storage for her kitchen stuff, so I hung this hot pink shelf and screwed several little hooks along the bottom to hang her pots/pans and utensils.
 Then she put all her spices, broom and other kitchen stuff on the shelf. I also put a small hook next to the shelf so she could hang a kitchen towel or her apron. Very simple, but very cute and functional!
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Amanda said...

The bedroom looks wonderful! You did a fab job painting the tree.

Chrystie said...

Amanda, thanks so much! I LOVE to paint on anything from walls to my scrapbook pages! :)