Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Joy to the World" banner

I got the bug to make a banner for my family to hold for our Christmas card picture this year. Here's how I did it....

 I just made this out of whatever I had on hand, so if you were to do this and wanted it fancier you might buy nicer stuff. I am also not a real sewer, so don't look to closely if you are, haha! I wanted it to have a simple not finished look, so I'm ok w/the imperfections in it.

Step 1. Find the fabric of choice and cut out 2 triangles a bigger and a smaller one. I cut the bigger triangle about 6" accross & the smaller one about 4" accross.
 Step 2. I just simply overlapped the triangles & sewed w/a zig zag stitch all the way accross to attach them.

 Step 3. Using a cricut or other cutting machine cut out words to make a stencil. I didn't repeat any letters, I just reused the "o" and other repeated letters.
 Step 4. I'm sure fabric paint would be best. I just used Tempura paint b/c that's what I had on hand. Clip stencil to help hold it in place. Remember to tuck the fabric back, so it won't soak through onto the bottom layer. I realized after I messed up a few times. It would have been better to do the painting 1st then the sewing. That way if you mess up on a letter, you can just cut a new triangle & paint a new one. Ooops! Luckily for me, it doesn't bother me too much. My saying is "oh well, it's home made". :)
 Step 5. Pick ribbon of choice, loop it & sew it on the back side. I also went back and reinforced the in-between parts where the flags attach to eachother, to just to make sure it holds up good.
Whalla! Here is is finished. I couldn't find a blank wall big enough to hand it for the picture. Good thing we have a big family to hold it, it turned out pretty big.

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Sarah said...

It looks great Chrystie! I love how you painted on the words. I would not have thought to do that. You are right, it is a good thing you have a big family to hold that banner up! lol I can't wait to see you Christmas picture with this adorable banner.

Chrystie said...

ha ha, thanks Sarah! :) Yes, can't wait to do the Christmas pic to go with it! :)