Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Artsy

I went away with my family (my parents & siblings that is). It was really fun I had never done that before just them & me. I'm much older then my siblings & my parents don't really vacation, so it was a very treasured memory for all of us! We celebrated my sister's 19th birthday in Ocean Shores & stayed in a million $ home right on the beach for free, it pays to have connections! :) The ladies (my mom, my sister & I) are all creative, crafty women, so we decided to bring some craft stuff along & just have fun with it. (My brother even got in on the fun, Shhhhhhh don't tell him I told you, ha ha). :) I brought some  framed canvas for each of us and a bunch of scrapbook supplies. I have always wanted to do some mixed media stuff, but never had tried gluing something on to canvas or anything. It was SO much fun, that I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it again sometime!! Here's what I ended up with....
 Close ups of the 3D stuff & the paper & stuff I wrapped around the side of the canvas. The base I put on top of the canvas was just a piece of scrapbook paper, then I built up the rest of the stuff on top. I added some glitter glue behind the bike & some paint "rain drops" as well as a little splash of green shimmer mist spray. Most of the stuff I cut out of scrapbook magazines, some is stuff I use for scraping. I made the flowers that stick up. I just had fun with it.
I'm really not sure why this picture is sideways, nor do I know how to fix it, ug! I guess you can get the idea if you tilt your head to the right.

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Sarah said...

Okay, now I want to make one. How stinkin' cute!!

Chrystie said...

Thanks Sarah! :) So annoying I couldn't turn my pic the right way! :) Oh well... It was SO much fun to make! You should totally go make one! :)