Saturday, October 9, 2010

50th b-day card..


Mike and Sarah said...

Okay, I love the way you used playing cards in this album. I would have never thought of "wasting" a deck of playing cards, but they are only a couple of bucks for 52 embellishments! I LOVE the way you used them to spell out the age and then cut out the hearts for petals on the flower. Way to think outside the box and very cute!

Mike and Sarah said...

P.S. I also love the sewing! Did you do that with your machine?

Chrystie said...

Thanks Sarah! This was actually a card for someone's 50th b-day. Yes, I did use the sewing machine for the sewing part. :) The cards were not a complete deck, so it was toss or use... you know what I chose! :)