Washi Tape Organization

 I have been going through my craft room top to bottom and purging, organizing and improving my scrap room. This is just a peek. I'm really excited about this drawer, I know that sounds silly, but I even showed it to my family the other night and called it my "Proud Drawer", b/c I feel really proud of it, ha ha. Cheesy I know! I'm just really excited about how functional it is! My goal in my scrap room is to make it easy to use the things I love. This drawer is a great example of that. I have my Washi tape in glass jars that I can easily grab or bring with me. I can also pull this drawer out and put it by my work area when I'm scrapping. I plan to keep my most used embellishments in here and have them easy to grab and take with me and easy to put back. Love it!!
I will post more when I finish my scrap room! I'm excited about it!! I've been wanting to get my scrap room in good working order with out clutter for a LONG time!!


Stephanie said…
Great idea--they'll stay clean, wont' roll around and you can see each one!
Chrystie said…
Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it! :)